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Random bios

Workshop leader bio from "The Goddess Is Alive & Magic Is Afoot" at the 2013 Friends General Conference Gathering:

I have led interactive, participatory workshops and interest groups at Quaker Gatherings since 1998. I have been involved with music ministry since 1986, have facilitated feminist spirituality groups since 1990, and have taught sacred vocal music since 1992. My other teaching experience includes Scottish Country Dance, in which I hold an international teacher's certificate, English Country Dance, humanitarian work, trauma recovery, basic life support, and computer skills.

Workshop leader bio from "Singing the Goddess" at the 2011 Friends General Conference Gathering:

Leader Experience:

Staṡa loves to sing, particularly with other people. She has been involved with music ministry since 1986, and has taught feminist spirituality music since 1992. She is the co-author of A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual book and compact disc, and the founder of SpiralSong Feminist Spirituality Vocal Ensemble. Staṡa has taught Singing the Goddess mini-workshops, and sung Goddess music with Friends, at many Quaker gatherings throughout the US since 1997.

My bio at the RSCDS DelVal teachers' page:


Staśa Morgan-Appel
Teacher Certificate: Prelim/Level I (1997, DelVal)
Staśa Morgan-Appel began Scottish country dance in 1992 when a group of friends from college took her to a dance and promised they’d get her through it (the very first dance had crossover mirror reels!). She has taught at the Cherry Hill class, the Social Class, and with the Tartan and Thistle Dancers in Ann Arbor, MI and the RSCDS Branch in Seattle, WA. Her other dancing interests include English Country and Contra. She has lived most of her life in the Philadelphia area; she and her wife currently live in central NJ, and are getting ready to settle down in Edinburgh. Staśa is a clergy member who specializes in individual and group spiritual nurture. She also enjoys crocheting, reading, river kayaking, hiking, blogging, hosting potlucks, drumming, and singing.

Student profile in April, 2010 for Cherry Hill Seminary:


Stasa Morgan-Appel is a student of Cherry Hill Seminary in the Pastoral Care and Counseling Department. She has been involved with ministry for 24 years, and currently splits her time between her ministry and school. She is a member of the University Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Seattle, WA. She has a leader of religious service for healing and pastoral care from them, as well as a ministry oversight committee comprised of members of the Meeting.

Stasa is co-founder and Senior Priestess of Roses, Too!, a tradition of Feminist eclectic Witchcraft. She also founded and sings with SpiralSong Feminist Spirituality Vocal Ensemble, and co-coordinates the Healing Center at the annual Gathering of Friends General Conference. This summer, Stasa completes her term as treasurer of Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns. She says of her work at CHS, “My goal for my Cherry Hill education is to fill in the gaps and smooth the rough edges in my education and experience.”