Welcome to the ARC Troopers. We are a Star Wars The Old Republic Guild (swtor) who fight for the glory of the republic! We are commited to the destroying the sith and defending our battle brothers. We really need any kind of player who wants to play as a republic class. To join go to the Join/Comment (link way down at the bottom) and post a comment that you want to join and please include your class that you inted to use as well. Oh, by the way....THE SITH ARE GOING DOWN!!!
           FORUM URL: http://republiccommandoguil.team-talk.net/
Guild Recruitment Video 
Here is the advertisment that you can copy and paste to advertise our guild so we can get more members.

Want to join a good guild that is goal oriented, interesting and fun to be in? Do you also hate the dark side? If you answered yes to both of these the guild of ARC Troopers is the guild for you. We are a republic guild that is set to create a fun playing environment in the star wars world and destroy the sith along the way. We accept all players who want to play ANY republic class and are now recruiting bounty hunter who wish to fight for our guild and the Republic! You must be active every day or every otehr day too. please be active and post and talk to the guys and stuff.I am working on an elite Jedi guard unit if you are interested please let me know. We are also accepting peace treaties with other neutral or republic guild/clans. If you think you’re experienced and good enough to lend a hand leading an alliance come to havoc squad. To join you don’t have to give any personal info of any kind. Just what you think your username will be in game and what class you want to be. (Post this in the comment box on the join page) All details are explained on the guild homepage. Please do not try and reach me through email. The best way is through our comment system on the join page. If I don’t add you in the team roster please keep posting until I do. THE URL IS: https://sites.google.com/site/starwarsoldrepublichavocsquad/home

Here is our guild recruitment video too : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is_rIkA4KMk

Our guild forum is now up and running now to so here is its URL as well: http://republiccommandoguil.team-talk.net/

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