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Echani are a near-Human species native to an Outer Rim world of the same name. They are graceful fighters who specialize in melee and unarmed combat, moving so fluidly that their fighting styles are dancelike. They are not truly aggressive, however, and they do not fight for fighting's sake. They always seek to enhance their skills, however, and  believe that you can learn even from an enemy.

Personality: Echani personalities vary greatly, much like Humans, but most are perceptive and thoughtful.

Physical Description: Echani are attractive near-Humans with pale skin, white hair, and pale blue eyes. They average 1.8 meters tall and are very lithe. Children from the same parents often look very similar, almost indistinguishable to non-Echani.

Homeworld: Echani hail from the frigid Outer Rim world of the same name.

Language: Echani speak Basic.

Example Names: Atris, Atrisian, Brianna, Yusanis

Age in Years: Child 1-11; Young Adult 12-15; Adult 16-40; Middle Age 41-59; Old 60-79; Venerable 80+

Adventurers: Most Echani are soldiers or nobles. Echani fringers are rare, but Jedi of both kinds were quite common among the Echani during in the days before the Empire.

Species Traits

  • Attribute Modifiers: none

  • Size: Medium (no bonuses or penalties)

  • Speed: Echani base speed is 10 meters.

  • Bonus Feats: Echani gain the bonus feats Martial Arts and Quickness.

  • Skill Bonus: Echani gain a +2 species bonus to Sense Motive.

  • Automatic Languages: Speak and Read/Write Basic.

New Feat: Echani Martial Arts

The Echani have developed their own unique style of martial arts (note that this is different from

[7:30:24 PM] Casey: the martial arts feat from the Hero's Guide. Consider it errata: the style described in the Hero's Guide is Imperial Martial Arts). Echani martial arts consists of flowing, graceful moves that are often described as being dancelike. Attacks are meant to be accurate while motions remain fluid so that the attacker can avoid attacks.

Prerequisites: Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts

Benefits: When fighting unarmed and wearing armor no heavier than light armor, you gain a +2 dodge bonus to Defense. Notice that dodge bonuses stack (ie, you can use this with Dodge or Defensive Martial Arts).

New Feat: Echani Martial Arts Expertise

You have studied the Echani martial arts extensively, and this knowledge allows you to strike your foe more accurately.

Prerequisites: Echani Martial Arts, Improved Martial Arts, Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts

Benefit: Increase your threat range by one (ie, from 19-20 with Improved Martial Arts to 18-20 and from 18-20 with Advanced Martial Arts to 17-20).

New Feat: Echani Martial Arts Mastery

Your mastery of Echani Martial Arts allows you to instinctively call on your martial arts knowledge, even when you're not fighting unarmed.

Prerequisites: Echani Martial Arts, Echani Martial Arts Expertise, Martial Arts, Defensive Martial Arts, Improved Martial Arts, Advanced Martial Arts, Combat Reflexes

Benefit: Once per day, when fighting with a melee weapon, after succeeding at a normal attack, you may make one free unarmed attack against the same target, using your maximum attack bonus.

New Weapon: Echani Quarterstaff

Weapon Type: Melee weapon

Proficiency Group: Simple  Cost: 200

Damage: 1d6/1d6   Critical: 19-20

Weight: 1.5 kg   Type: Bludgeoning

Fort DC: --    Size: Large

Hardness: 8  WP: 4  Break DC: 20

Availability: Specialized  Eras: all

Special: Due to a cortosis weave in the quarterstaff, it retains its damage reduction versus lightsabers. Furthermore, the two ends may be retracted, reducing size to Small. Retracted quarterstaffs deal only 1d4 damage and do not deal extra cold damage. Retracting is a move action.

These special quarterstaffs are the weapon of choice of the Echani Handmaidens. Using special secret Echani techniques, the retractable "blades" of the quarterstaff have been superchilled, dealing an extra 2d6 cold damage whenever the quarterstaff deals wound damage. Anyone wearing medium or heavier armor, or any species which recieves a bonus to Fortitude saves in cold environments (or recieves such because of equipment such as an all-temperature cloak), is immune to this damage. (This technique may be implemented in other weapons, but requires 4 ranks in Knowledge [Echani] and in the appropriate craft skill; it may only be applied to melee weapons. It costs an additional 50 credits per extra die of damage to a maxium of 200 credits and 4d6 damage) An added bonus to the quarterstaff is its cortosis weave, making it effective versus lightsabers.

New Weapon: Echani Vibroblade

Weapon Type: Melee Weapon

Proficiency Group: Vibro weapons Cost: 800

Damage: 2d6    Critical: 19-20

Weight: 1.4 kg   Type: Slashing, piercing

Fort DC: --    Size: Medium

Hardness: 6  WP: 5  Break DC: 20

Availability: Rare, restricted  Eras: all

Special: This weapon does not grant the +2 bonus on Listen checks common to other vibro weapons. Due to a cortosis weave in the vibroblade, it retains its damage reduction versus lightsabers.

Echani vibroblades are often ornately decorated, and many are customized for individuals. The stats here represent a typical, generic version, but some stats might be altered for a customized version and the customized version might be mastercrafted. Due to the same techniques implemented in the quarterstaff, the Echani vibroblade deals an extra 4d6 cold damage when wound damage is inflicted. It also has the same cortosis weave so that it retains its damage reduction versus lightsabers. Additionally, the loud humming associated with vibroblades has been silenced in the Echani version. Though they are costly and hard to find, it is more common to see Echan vibroblades in non-Echani hands than it is to see an Echani quarterstaff in non-Echani hands.