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Star Wars: CFM
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I'm 26. I reside in Paris, France where I work as a human spell-checker/translator for a European scientific association and live with my family of dog and cats. My house is full of hobby opportunities but no, I just sit here typing on my laptop for your enjoyment. There's a webcam on it, I could make money out of this time spent on the internet.

English is not my native language but I use it often enough to not suck. I never took any writing classes, I don't proof-read my stuff and I certainly don't care about my grammar. I could be writing in Spanish as long as I get my point across but it just wouldn't sound right for Star Wars now, would it?

I've been busy with personal fan art and writing projects for many years and this story is the first one to be online. After discovering the joys of sharing my freaky ideas I've been hooked to the point of making a websites for that purpose only, and here we are. If you haven't already, check my online art gallery and be prepared to look at extremely self-absorbed "douchegeekery", but at least it's done well.

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