Mandalorians and the Internet

Let's face it, without the intarweb you wouldn't know a thing about Mandalorians, especially if you were born after 1987 and never read the Bounter Hunter Wars. Without googling Boba/Jango Fett or the clones you wouldn't be here and none of the fandalorian frenesy would be nagging at us often enough to be bothered about T-shaped visor fantasies and having "bounty hunter" as your dream job. But I digress...

Sites dedicated to Mandalorians exclusively are actually quite rare. You won't find a large online community of Star Wars fans who rejoyce in their Fandalorianism without it being specifically centered around the Fetts, Clones Troopers or Commandos.

I bumped into this site: But more than being just an online gathering of mando enthusiasts, it really looks like a hub for people who actually apply the Mandalorian codes into their real life. "Too much", you might think? I agree, but to each their own.

Then you got RPG forums and guild sites.

But there is no "Everything Mando" site with all works, productions and all kinds of people simply sharing and getting to know other mando enthusiasts. Hey, maybe that's something I should think of working on? Damnit now I'll eventually have to make this site go a step further.

While I procrastinate on the hard research and designing, here are the sites I'm lurking in for inspiration: