This could as well be the translation for this story that I lazily called "Chronicles..." to definitely not stand out from the oceans of Fandalorians that pollute the Star Wars wikis and RPG sites and games with their often poorly written and tastelessly drawn characters. I'm not here to criticize them of course, being perhaps one of the biggest self-proclaimed mando douche in the whole virtual world of SW knowledge. I'm actually hoping that people who don't particularly care about the T-shaped visor can also enjoy the story I'm writing.

It's a tale of friendship, adventure and the pursuit of happiness with loved ones in a galaxy of treachery, killing, torturing, violence and stupidity in all shape and forms. The characters evolve either alone or together as products of their environment or responsible individuals, and their choices are the result of their own thinking.

This picks up after Republic Commando: Order 66 by Karen Traviss. The story centers around ex-Jedi Bardan Jusik and a few Mandalorians in their fight to live in a galaxy dominated by the Empire. You  may or may not know the RepCom series so I took care to add very little canon elements to my writing, and every reference to pre-existing events and characters are detailed enough for everyone to go along with them.

Part 1: What it takes (complete)
Two siblings, Devik and Runa learn about their heritage as the son and daughter of a Cuy'val Dar and begin to live up to higher standards. Helped by Bardan "Gotab" Jusik they become enrolled in fighting to protect Mandalore against a more invasive Empire. Bonds are formed while others are broken because that's what makes awesome character development!

Part 2: More than blood
(in progress) Updated: Chapter 10
Runa and Bardan escape the Imperials from Mandalore to find work on Taris while she waits to search for her brother. They come across a young padawan marooned on that planet and find out that Vader happens to be there, seeking to exterminate the remaining Jedi.

Fast rewind to the middle of True Colors in the Clone Wars...
Morale visit to Vevut Squad (in progress)
"I'd better go. Got to look legit by catching up with Vevut Squad."
Jusik leaves Bogg V kinda pissed at Kal Skirata because the old man doesn't fully trust him and goes to check the commando groups under his orders (yes, we forget that Jusik is a SpecOps Commander). And starts with one of Rav Bralor's squads. I'm trying to make this story as non-conventional as I can: no super detailed action scenes, no "clones have rights too" leitmotiv and no censoring. If a Jedi happens to want to poop in a hole I will freaking show it.

Tiny lexicon for my use of the Mandalorian language:
Manda'yaim - Mandalore (the planet)
Cuy'val Dar - literally: "Those who no longer exist", actually the Mandalorians hand-picked by Jango Fett to train elite clone troopers
buir - father, mother, parent
-'ika - affectionate suffixe, e.g. Bard'ika: "Little Bardan"
ad'ika - "Little one", son, daughter, kid
Oya! - "Hell yeah!" / "Let's do this!" / "Hooah!"
vevut - gold
chakaar - bastard, asshole
osik - crap
di'kut - idiot, moron
shab/shabla - damn, fuck/fucking
haran - hell
Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dhar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde - literally "We are one when together, we are one when parted, we share all, we will raise warriors" Mandalorian phrase for marriage

DRAMATIS PERSONAE for all three of the stories, I'm lazy

Bardan "Gotab/Bard'ika" Jusik - male human, 26
Fi Skirata - male human clone, 28 (apparent age)
Ordo Skirata - male human clone, ex-Null ARC, 30
Mereel Skirata - male human clone, ex-Null ARC, 30
Kal Skirata - male human Cuy'val Dar, over 60
Parja Bralor (wife of Fi Skirata) - female human, 22-24
Rav Bralor - female human Cuy'val Dar, over 50
Runa Zanim - female human, 24
Biran Zanim - male human Cuy'val Dar, over 50
Ullia Zanim - female human, over 50 as well

Ori "Laid-back" Zoler - Stormtrooper, male human, 25
Sulen "Sarge" Korrado - Stormtrooper, male human, 23
Devik Zanim - Recruit, male human, 25

Ahsoka Tano - female Togruta Padawan, 15 (Vevut Squad story)
Anakin Skywalker - male human Jedi Knight, 20 (Vevut Squad story)
Aresu Kurn - female Korunnai Padawan, 14

Eevy Tolod - female Mon Calamari, 46

I won't list the clones because you guys know all of them already, you geeks.