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Story Title
 Description Words/ Chapters/ Rating
 Date Published

The Essence of Marriage
AU. Present day. Sesshomaru and Kikyo are getting a divorce ... or that's what they keep telling themselves.Words: 36, 147
Chapters: 14
Rating: PG-13
November 28, 2005

 Political intrigue occurs when Sesshomaru and Kikyo get married.Words: 29, 625
Chapters: 12
Rating: PG-13
January 5, 2006

The Sweetest Taboo
AU. The angel Sesshomaru takes an interest in the mortal Kikyo, which is where all their problems begin. Words: 95, 451
Chapters: 21
Rating: 15
February 18, 2006

AU. Kikyo and Sesshomaru have broken up. Will they come to their senses and get back together? Words: 10, 101
Chapters: 3
Rating: PG-13
June 24, 2006

Behind Closed Doors
AU. Kikyo is married and she's in love with Sesshomaru. Well, what's the problem? She's not married to Sesshomaru. Words: 78, 707
Chapters: 18
Rating: R
August 5, 2006

Out in the Open
The sequel to Behind Closed Doors. Sesshomaru and Kikyo are trying to maintain their relationship, but its hard with a coworker liking Kikyo and Sess having to show a demon princess around town. Words: 95, 860
Chapters: 20
Rating: R
December 16, 2006