Ann Smith's coffee pot.  Used for meetings in Ann's and Dr Bob’s home in the 1930's.


Provides a directory of online meetings, including meetings for atheists and agnostics


Welcome to Start with a Coffee Pot.  

What is Start with a Coffee Pot about?

It's all about starting a new fellowship meeting in your local community. These meetings are oriented to serving secularists, humanists, naturalists, realists, rationalists, skeptics, doubters, agnostics, non-believers, non-theists, apatheists, atheists, non-conformists, freethinkers ..... pretty much anyone who is likely to struggle with working a personal program of recovery that contains the words God, Him and His (i.e. the 12 Step program).

Are these real A.A. meetings?

We are talking about meetings that are recognized by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services as an officially registered Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

A.A. has a long history of special interest groups. A.A.'s Conference-approved Literature says: 

"Some A.A.s come together as specialized A.A. groups—for men, women, young people, doctors, gays and others."
The A.A. Group ... Where It All Begins, page 12, A.A. Conference-approved Literature

More about this style of meeting

This style of meeting is not God-centered. It does not have the religious elements found in many fellowship meetings - religious readings at the beginning, 'God-talk' during the meeting and closing the meeting with prayer. 

Although many people perceive fellowship meetings as promoting belief in God, there is no requirement individuals who are members of any of the fellowships to believe in God. 

"The majority of A.A. members believe that we have found the solution to our drinking problem not through individual willpower, but through a power greater than ourselves. However, everyone defines this power as he or she wishes. Many people call it God, others think it is the A.A. group, still others don't believe in it at all. There is room in A.A. for people of all shades of belief and nonbelief." 
A Newcomer Asks.... , page 6, A.A. Conference-approved literature

About the Start With a Coffee Pot Website

This website has information about how to start an A.A. meeting in your local community.  See the right sidebar for topics related to starting an A.A. meeting.

About the Start with a Coffee Pot Google Group

The google group is open to anyone who is considering starting a "no prayer" type of meeting that is not God-centered. All are welcome. Whatever your religious / spiritual / philosophical beliefs, you can start a fellowship meeting.

"Any group of alcoholics gathered together for sobriety may call themselves an A.A. group provided that, as a group, they have no other purpose or affiliation."
The A.A. Group ... Where It All Begins, page 12, A.A. Conference-approved Literature

Note 1: It's also a good place to come if you already have this style of meeting in your local community. It's a place to share ideas about meetings. You never know, maybe you'll be inspired to start another fellowship meeting with this style in your community. 

Note 2: Some members of the group have experience in starting this style of meeting in their local community and are willing to share their experience with others.

What does Start with a Coffee Pot provide?

The website and group provides help with the problems / challenges which might arise in starting a meeting that has a style different than the traditional God-centered fellowship meeting. There is information and discussion about interacting with Intergroups to get the meeting listed – what Intergroups have accepted in the past to list such a meeting and what they haven’t accepted to be listed. What a
re the boundaries that might arise and be pushed in doing that? Other alternatives to advertise the meeting and get the word out to the public if the Intergroup refuses to list the meeting. 

There are conversations, knowledge of pitfalls, how to find a meeting location, choosing a name for the group, literature suggestions, meeting formats, examples of non-religious readings to open the meeting, examples of now groups close the meeting without praying ...... any information that would be helpful to someone thinking about starting this style of meeting.

How Do I Join? 

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