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Revolutionize Boston's Startup Culture: Internships at Beta Ltd.

posted Dec 20, 2011, 7:14 PM by Melody Koh
Want to change the world? Come join us.

Beta Ltd. is a bootstrapped, profitable Cambridge, MA-based startup. We produce insanely popular tech events across the globe, including the Bay Area's largest and longest-running startup mixer, SF Beta. We were born in San Francisco and moved to Cambridge, MA this year, taking up Eric Schmidt's call to give Silicon Valley a competitor.

Beta Ltd. is best known for events. Our empire has grown to six hubs, including BostonSeattleNew YorkBoulder, and Dublin, along with SF. We've done this with a far-flung 14-person team that includes members of TechStars, O'Reilly, EventBrite, and SendGrid, along with a number of founders and event veterans.

As we set our sights on 2012, our ambitions are big (if not ginormous): more events, more cities, and a host of cool, exciting projects.

To do this, we're looking for some amazing, innovative, visionary interns to join our team. Could this be you?

Here are the kinds of people we're looking for:
• An operations wizard: Make our company run as smooth as butter. Manage logistics, support remote teams, play around with scrum/agile methodologies, work on the bazillion-or-so projects in our backlog (while adding a few of your own ideas)
• A marketing & communication czar: Help the world find out about us. Manage our portfolio of digital properties (Facebook, MailChimp, EventBrite, WordPress, Twitter, etc), run contests and promotions, develop partnerships and relationships, etc.
• The next Om Malik. Launch and run our forthcoming startup publication, build a team of writers, construct new narratives within startup and technology discourse, and put Boston startups on the global map.
• The next Evan Williams. Build a team and launch a startup with the feedback, direction, and support of our entire company.

Who should apply?
Read Steve Newcomb's "Am I a Warrior?". If this sounds like you, ping us within the next six milliseconds.

I can has detailz plz?
O hai:
• Apply as either an individual or a team. If you think that you and a few of your friends would make an awesome group, let us know.
• Internships will be awarded by January 15, and last until May 15. Positions are unpaid.
• Students and recent graduates are welcome and encouraged to apply.
• Live in or near Cambridge, MA
• Have 20+ hours a week to contribute (irregular schedules are fine)

How do I apply?
We offer a Common and Uncommon application method; the Uncommon method is preferred.
• Common: Send an email to TakeOverTheWorld [at] with the usual stuff.
• Uncommon: Follow Beta Ltd's founder, @b_3_t_4, on Twitter. Then, write a tweet that appends the #BetaIntern hashtag. Then, see what happens.