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Pymetrics - HBS fall internship opportunity

posted Aug 13, 2012, 7:56 AM by Melody Koh

The Company:  Pymetrics was started by an HBS graduate and neuroscientist and is a “people recommendation engine” that uses the last ten years of neuroscience research to better match job seekers and companies based on cognitive, social, and emotional attributes.  Our tests also help students determine the industry and function that best fits them based on a multidimensional analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.  It is different from other career assessment tools in that it uses one to three minute computer games to extract objective data instead of relying on question-and-answer feedback.  Pymetrics algorithms provide a customized assessment of the strengths and weaknesses present in a company’s employees, the characteristics of prototypical top performers and, based on this data, can predict how good of a cultural and performance fit a potential hire would be.

The Position:  Pymetrics is looking for a part-time intern from HBS for the fall semester to perform 2-5 hours of work each week, depending on his/her capacity.  The job would involve running a campaign to promote our assessments and educate other students on the value these tests offer, not only in determining ideal industry and function, but also in assessing their strengths and weaknesses as they compare to other HBS students.  A basic sample report can be viewed here:  While we normally charge clients for these assessments, we are offering them free to HBS students as the anonymous data collected helps us improve our analytical tools.

Compensation:  While the position is unpaid, it would serve as impressive experience at a successful startup on a resume, especially for those interested in entrepreneurship, general management, tech, or human capital management.