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[PitchDive] HBS Entrepreneurship Conference Biz-plan Pitch Competition - DEADLINE SUN, 2/26

posted Feb 21, 2012, 10:41 PM by Melody Koh   [ updated Feb 23, 2012, 12:34 PM ]


Have a business plan? Get selected to pitch it, get live feedback from VCs and win prizes @PitchDive - 2012 HBS Entrepreneurship Conference

What is the event?

This competition is a part of the 2012 HBS Entrepreneurship Conference and it is a chance for you pitch of your business plan to VCs, get their feedback and win a prize for being the plan that VCs like the most.

Format of the event

  • Day of the event
    • 10 teams will be each be given 1 minute to make an elevator pitch about their plan to the VC judges
    • VC judges select 3 teams they like the most
    • Each of the selected teams make a 5 minute detailed pitch to the VC judges and get their live feedback
    • Judges decide which the best business plan was
  • Pre-event screening round
    • Selection of the 10 business plans to be presented in the final round from business plans different teams submit
    • Criterion: Potential, innovativeness of product/service, how far along the product is in development, testing, execution;  success of MVP (if any), financial performance (if any)

Date of the event

  • Sunday, March 4 

Ask from you

  • Please email Shruti Dube ( your team name, members and a business plan pitch
  • The pitch can be in any format – it can be as basic (just the idea/concept) or as sophisticated (with MVP, customer survey results, financials etc.)

Deadline for submission

  • Sun, Feb 26

Please reach out to Shruti Dube ( for any questions or clarifications.