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MVP Selection Committee

posted Sep 26, 2011, 6:24 AM by Jessica Bloomgarden
Searching for 3 students to be part of MVP selection committee ( 6 members total: 3 students + 3 faculty). We would like to have the students we student-selected. If you are interested in being on the panel please come to the startuptribe meeting Monday at 6pm to have a quick selection vote. Please also show up if you are not running so that we have a good size body of students voting.

You will have a great opportunity to interact with faculty, students, and get to see some of the VC-like process of evaluating business plans and founders.

Requirements are to be available to read all the applications by a relatively short deadline after applications are in and then commit to spending 1 evening (~2-3 hours) listening to finalist presentations and deliberating over which teams to award funding to.