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MIT team looking for business person ($100K event)

posted Oct 24, 2011, 5:51 AM by Jessica Bloomgarden

MIT team looking for business people to help with the business plan part of the MIT $100K competition.

Our abstract from the MIT energy night event is below:

We have developed an energy harvesting system that applies methods commonly used to boost solar cell performance to acoustic radiation.  Our design works by coupling an one-dimensional phononic Fabry-Perot cavity with commercial acoustic resonators. This approach addresses the two largest limitations of sound harvesting which are energy density and matching drive frequency by amplification of the resonant.frequencies of the harvester. The cavity is constructed by using perforated aluminum sheets to create variable acoustic impedance tunable to the desired noise source and resonator.  The resulting cavity mode creates planar intensity “hot spots” into which we place the resonators.  The energy density (effectiveness of harvesting) of the sound inside the cavity can be simulated to be boosted by a factor of 4-900X depending on the desired bandwidth of the resonance.  For example, we have experimentally demonstrated a scale model possessing 500X enhancement with a FWHM of 25 Hz.

Please contact Kevin Gotrik kwgotrik@MIT.EDU if you are interested.