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Meet the founders of - question session

posted Nov 19, 2010, 3:39 PM by Andrew Rosenthal   [ updated Nov 19, 2010, 3:45 PM ]
Our meetup with the founders was a great opportunity for the Tribe to ask basic how-to questions like:
* What's the cost of incorporating?
* Who is your PR firm?
* What do you say to your friends who want to work for you?

The co-founders of have offered to sit down with us for a similar session.  Their site is launching in Boston now, after critical acclaim in NYC.  The New York Times featured their site in redefining the Ritual of the First Date.

Limited to 8 people.  Exact time and location TBD.

Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter:

We are the founders of This Life, Inc. and We run the business together.

We met over the crayon jar in kindergarten, had a lengthy discussion about the relative merits of gold v. silver crayons, and decided to become best friends forever.

We've been creating things ever since: fourth grade boy-girl dance parties, a make-your-own-pizza party in Guatemala during college (this was riding the glory of a marginally successful spaghetti business at a hippie festival the summer after high school), wild project-based curricula in urban charter schools in our twenties, long silent meditation retreats, political campaigns, a play in Berlin, the occasional 3am omelet, and so on.

Each in our own way, we've always been finding ways to go for it, 1000%. Our philosophic modus operandi basically involves combining a few Platonic ideals (the good, the true and the beautiful), a plentiful dose of Nietzschean irony (philosophize with the nose), a pinch of enlightenment fervor (being, consciousness and bliss) and some Dorian Gray hedonism (I want the very best, always, forever).

Upon turning 30, we were like, let's start a business. Let's start an internet dating site that we would actually want to use.