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Field Study: Work w/James Beard-nominated chef to consult on food truck project

posted Feb 7, 2012, 3:32 PM by Andrew Rosenthal


A team of students to help develop the business plan for a new mobile food truck to provide healthy, affordable, and locally-sourced food to underserved areas of Boston.  The entity would be run as either a for-profit or not-for-profit.



A James Beard-nominated chef, and owner of two prestigious Boston-area restaurants, is exploring the opportunity to operate mobile food trucks in areas of Boston that lack access to healthy, ready-made food.  Initially targeting the areas of Dorchester and Roxbury, the food trucks would provide local children and families with unbelievably tasty food that is good for both them and their wallets.  The food would be sourced as locally as possible.


The chef's aim is to provide an alternative to the more ubiquitous alternatives of cheap, unhealthy fast food.  His vision is to begin with a pilot food truck and expand based on demand, ultimately creating a sustainable and powerful brand that has the potential to scale.  The chef has already created the preliminary public and private sector relationships to make this vision a reality.


Scope of Work

Develop the business plan for the Mobile Food Truck, including:

·      Landscape Analysis/Competitive Framework

·      Market Need

·      Regulatory Environment

·      Operational Plan

·      Marketing and Sales Plan

·      Financial Plan


Benefits to students

One of the most pressing and exciting challenges facing the United States is the need to make America healthier.  From First Lady Michelle Obama to Chef Jamie Oliver to the school cafeteria, the food landscape is dramatically shifting.  Students will be able to apply their problem-solving skills to a pressing social need.  Students will gain access to a variety of local food professionals, angel investors, city officials, and community-based organizations.   Research would also include sampling some of the city’s best food truck specialties! This field study would be a powerful opportunity to bring together both business acumen and social innovation. 


Meredith Lobel, ‘09