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Concept in Search of an Entrepreneur

posted Feb 4, 2011, 4:42 PM by Jessica Bloomgarden

Would you be an entrepreneur, if only you could find the right idea?  An older, serial entrepreneur has a great idea in the social networking space -- and is looking for a younger, aspiring entrepreneur who can work with him to drive the project forward.  For more detail, see below.  If you're interested, send a brief note about what motivates you to


The concept has been developed by Keith Green, who led one of New York's most revered Advertising Agencies until 1993, when he left to start a product development company, Tucker/Green, Inc.

Within two years he inked development deals with GE and Time Warner. Both concepts were in information-technology (1990's version). The GE product sold $300 Million year one and provided a royalty stream for Tucker/Green which supported early development of a Patient Education joint venture with Time Warner, with Green established as CEO. Within 24 months, three rounds of financing raised $40 Million including a $20 million investment by Lazard Freres.  

Today, Green is semi-retired but continues to develop broad-brush concepts and place them appropriately. The idea currently on the table is going to be the seed of a start-up. He is searching for an entrepreneurial person, in search of a great idea. Someone who could start contributing immediately, but become full time after graduation. 

The person who seizes this opportunity and proves themselves a leader will not only emerge as CEO, but will be able to build a team around them to complement their capabilities and interests.

The person for this position is smart, self-starting, hard working, intuitive, creative, strong and kind. A good communicator who enjoys being challenged, and relishes debate. Understanding the Social Networking space is a mandatory.

Presuming that the idea will lead to a real company, with real people, and real offices, it will preferably be based in Manhattan, but that is not a requirement. The right person will be able to make that decision when the time comes.