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Recent mentions of the HBS Startup Tribe and Minimally Viable Product Fund

We are thrilled at the recognition the Startup Tribe has received within and beyond the Harvard community.  Media coverage helps us share our story and spotlight exciting developments in entrepreneurship.  Media contacts are at the bottom of this page.  Are we missing a story or blog post?  Please let us know by tweeting @startuptribe.

Harvard Launches Program to Fund Startups, Bloomberg Businessweek, Francesca Di Meglio, 1/25/2011
"Already there is a grassroots group of students who get together to discuss entrepreneurial issues and related interests and ideas. Startup Tribe, as it is called, brings students face to face with alumni who have founded their own businesses and potential funders, said Rosenthal, leader of Startup Tribe. A co-founder of the now-defunct Happier.com, which had visitors paying a fee for access to help on how to be - you guessed it - happier, Rosenthal said there's a reinvigorated entrepreneurial spirit at HBS, where he added there have always been some students interested in startups.  Startup Tribe and MVP, he says, "are the impetus for this exciting new lease on entrepreneurship."


The ‘alternative’ HBS career track: entrepreneurship
Financial Times, Anthemos Georgiades, 1/3/2011
"This is important for several reasons. First, this is a real signal of intent. The new dean is being seen as a great appointment by the HBS and Harvard administrations and this move, in his first year of office, sends a message to HBS entrepreneurs that a career in one of the more traditional professional industries is not your only option these days....Watch this space. And watch out Stanford…" 

Meet the ‘Startup Tribe’ at Harvard Business School, BostInnovation, Cheryl Morris, 1/12/2011.
"What exactly is this Startup Tribe? It is a group of students who think they’re stronger as a whole, sharing resources and helping one another as a community, than moving forward separately in starting their business. The Tribe serves as a team of peer advisors for Harvard Business School entrepreneurs, and they are living proof that HBS has a vibrant, growing, and competent startup community."

15 mistakes young entrepreneurs make, but don't have to, Fortune.com / CNN Money, Alex Taussig, 1/4/2011.
"If you're an entrepreneur, you're probably going to screw up at some point. That's ok. Entrepreneurship is a constant process of quickly testing hypotheses, failing, refining and testing again. If you're not failing, you're not learning, right?"
"Is Harvard Business School giving Stanford and Wharton a run for its money? It seems that yes, the prestigious business school is finally driving its own tech-focused, start-up movement."
"It’s tempting to blame the MBA’s for all these mistakes. But I think the root cause of these mistakes is the fact that most MBA’s are not adequately educated about entrepreneurship..... That’s why I am so excited about a new course that is debuting this year at Harvard Business School. "

"It also encourages students to start businesses while in school and to connect with more of their peers who want to do so as well. Finally, it's a great opportunity for students to get experience managing a product as they go about the process of creating a business."

"And it is the students at Harvard who are really the ones on a mission to make the school a flagship institution when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Today, thanks to the idea and effort of a group of Harvard students, $50,000 in funds is up for grabs to student entrepreneurs over the institution’s winter semester."

Passion First, girl code: adventures in tech, business, and more, Cynthia Samanian, 12/29/2010.
"Thanks to informal meetings and dinners coordinated by students, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to meet with founders, hear their story, and ask them tons of questions. Equally important, the Startup Tribe has been an incredible support network. Whether bouncing a startup idea off a friend over coffee, or brainstorming ways to learn JavaScript, I am excited to have met a talented group of HBS students to help me stay true to my passion."

Media Contacts:

Administration: HBS Marketing & Communications 
t: 617.495.6155

Student contacts for Startup Tribe (general)

Melody Koh, MBA Candidate 2013
twitter: @melodykoh
email: fkoh (at) mba2013 (dot) hbs (dot) edu

Adam Besvinick, MBA Candidate 2013
twitter: @besvinick
email: abesvinick (at) mba2013 (dot) hbs (dot) edu

Previous contacts:

Andrew J. Rosenthal, MBA Candidate 2012
email: arosenthal (at) mba2012 (dot) hbs (dot) edu

Jess Bloomgarden, MBA Candidate 2012
twitter: @jbloomgarden
email: jbloomgarden (at) mba2012 (dot) hbs (dot) edu

Student contact for Minimally Viable Product Fund

Dan Rumennik, MBA Candidate 2012
twitter: @djdan85
email: drumennik (at) mba2012 (dot) hbs (dot) ed