Start Timer is an Android application for yacht racers and tacticians.  It's purpose is to assist with timed approaches to the start line.

My name is Ken Ellinwood.  I'm a sailor, keel-boat buoy racer, and software developer.  This application came to life recently when I found myself onboard without a suitable clock for timing the start.    The first version of this application was developed in about four hours and I've been slowly tweaking it ever since.  

Its a simple application with one purpose -- to get a great start! 

  • Displays start time, current time, and time remaining to start (countdown timer)
  • Several ways to set, adjust, and postpone the start time
  • Timed approach assist -- currently supporting the reach-out-and-back maneuver -- displays a countdown timer indicating when to turn back for the start.
  • Clock offset adjustment for syncing the application's timebase to atomic/GPS time.
  • Automatic 24-hour rollover.
Please review the documentation for more details.

But Its Wet Out There!

Worried about your phone getting wet on the race course?  Try putting it in a Ziploc sandwich baggie.  It turns out the touch screen display on the Droid Eris works even when covered by this type of plastic.

Get Started

Check out the documentation, then download and install the application.