Those who stand against the Federation and the Acheron, regardless of the color of their flag...

Commander T'Vic Veral

Commander Veral was once a high ranking Romulan officer whose personal deeds and family history placed him in high esteem within the Romulan Star Empire.

Veral was chosen to command a top secret prototype starship, a Corvis Type attack ship that could fire while maintaining its cloaking systems.

For as-yet unknown reasons Veral turned on his Empire and stole the prototype vessel and began attacking various civilian outposts and vessels beyond the Romulan Neutral Zone, as well as attacking Federation instillation and starships.
Little is known about his small rebellion, but the Romulans have given word that before his departure from service he killed his entire family in a bid to 'protect' them from persecution from the public following Veral's intended move away from the Empire to become a Renegade.

The Mares of Diomedes

The name was given to them by Captain Piers Lykaios, their true name and origin are a mystery.

Their body structure is similar to that of Tholians, however, unlike the Tholians their body can withstand a wide range of temperatures and can even withstand the vacuum of space thanks to a solid cellular structure akin to that of plants.  This also makes them very difficult to disable or kill, the strength of their skin is bolstered by a crystalline like structure that deflects energy weapon blasts, though this is only effective if shots are not direct.

The Mares posses great strength and can walk upside down or hold their place on exterior hulls of starships by driving their spiked feet into the surface, they also use these legs as stabbing weapons.

Two rows of four eyes are on either side of what is considered the face.  These eyes fire spark-like beams of energy that have similar force to a standard phaser, they seem to be able to control the intensity of this energy fire.
In the various experiences with the Mares they have not spoken, and they have no visible mouth.  It is as yet unclear how they communicate amongst one another.  It is also unclear if they have any understanding of human communication.


The 'Mares' have no clear territory, or clear organizational structure, however, they have only been encountered in Sector 761, beyond the K-9 Alpha space station.


Sorek is a Romulan Spy, however, as the Romulan Government does not acknowledge his existence or any such operations it is unclear if he is a single operative, or one of many.

Sorek posed as a Starfleet Officer and Vulcan citizen for more then five years, passing academy testing, getting to know his classmates and later his fellow crew members and in that time no one ever suspected him as anything more then an engineering officer born on Vulcan.

During the Acheron's mission to Sector 761 Sorek abandoned his cover while attempting to sabotage the ship.
While his efforts were thwarted at the last minute by the crew of the Acheron the question still remains; who is he?  Considering his perfect cover he could have continued unseen and unknown permanently, it was his own choice to break cover.

Sorek now occupies the brig in Acheron, though he made a deal with Gideon for the location of hidden explosives on the ship, just what that deal entails is not yet clear.