"Space...the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Bretagne. Its standing orders: to maintain off-world peace. To expand science and test out new innovations. To render aid where all men have gone before!"

Welcome to Star Trek: Priority One, a fanon wiki* for Decipher's Star Trek: The Role Playing Game.  This campaign follows the missions of the crew of the USS Bretagne and their fledgling captain, Max C. Harper. 

This fanon is primarily based in the TOS-era and follows most of the established Trek continuity.  However, the crew of the USS Bretagne have explored a few strange new worlds of their own. So come on in and have a look.  Don't forget to check back often, as this wiki will be continually updated.  -PJ Jacoby (series co-creator, author, and GM)

* Disclaimer: The content and images used in this wiki are utilized solely for our own not-for-profit personal use and are intended only for in-game background color, homage, parody, and for purely self-indulgent purposes only.  Star Trek is the property of Paramount Pictures.
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