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Ribbons And Awards

The Star Trek: Borderlands PBEM RPG haas three main methods of rewarding players. One such reward is through promotion (see ranks). In between rank promotions however, we still feel that it's important to reward players for strong gaming. As such we have created ribbons, and the valuable play medal.

The Valuable Play Medal can be awarded to any player at any time for quality Role-playing. If a player has earned recognition, but it's too soon for another promotion, then this is a great show of appreciation. (Medal show below in small and large views for dutystation webpage use)


Borderlands ribbon system is another way to award players and their characters for good role-playing. The ribbons available are shown below. Each ribbon has levels of achievement, the lowest levels to the left, highest to the right. Every time the ribbon is awarded to a player, it will be replaced with the next highest level. There are only a couple exceptions to that rule**. Your dutystation's CO and XO are in charge of how the ribbon system is used.

The 'Combat Injury' ribbon is awarded to any officer who has been wounded in the line of duty.    
The 'Crew Recognition' ribbon is awarded to any officer who has been deemed an exceptional leader by his or her crew. The crew recognition award is one of the more highly respected awards available. 

The 'Pilots Wings' ribbon can be awarded to ANY officer that has been certified to fly in a combat situation. The 'Pilot Combat' levels are only awarded to professional pilots (fighter pilots, helmsmen), **and are displayed WITH the 'Pilots Wings' ribbon.

The 'Good Conduct' ribbon is awarded for consistently good behavior. This is one ribbon that can be removed if a command staff feels it is necessary as a disciplinary action. 

The 'Dutystation defense' ribbon is awarded for quality action in a defensive position.

The 'Dutystation offense' ribbon is awarded for quality action in an offensive position.
The 'Distinguished Combat' ribbon is awarded for any quality combat work, and is considered superior to the 'Dutystation
offense' and 'Dutystation defense' ribbons. This ribbon is not as sought after as the 'Valor' ribbon, but is one of the most respected awards. 
The 'Unit Commendation' ribbon is awarded for good work within a team. This award is often attached to a position promotion. For example, for a fighter pilot, one might receive the 'Unit Commendation' ribbon when moving from a regular fighter pilot position to the squadron leader. 


The 'Borg Combat' ribbon is awarded for a quality performance during combat with the borg.

The 'Away Team Command' ribbon should be awarded after a character has successfully led an away team. 

The Special Forces Ribbon is awarded after a successful mission in collaboration with or under the direction of a unit such as the SSD (Special Forces Division) or Starfleet Intelligence.        
The 'Diplomatic Advance' ribbon is awarded to characters who improve a diplomatic situation. For example, the Romulan/Federation treaty. 

The 'Valor' ribbon is perhaps the one of themost coveted ribbons available. This ribbon should only be given for extraordinary deeds above and beyond the call of duty. 
The 'Vulcan assistance' ribbon is awarded to an officer who has either done something to benefit the Vulcan race, or worked successfully in collaboration with members of the Vulcan government.

The 'Klingon assistance' ribbon is awarded to an officer who has either done something to benefit the Klingon race, or worked successfully in collaboration with members of the Klingon military or government. 

The 'Civilian Assistance' ribbon is awarded to civilians who aid the Federation effort.           
The 'Scientific Discovery' ribbon is awarded when an officer (Most likely in the Medical or Science division) makes a scientific breakthrough, such as a disease cure. 

The 'New Invention' ribbon is awarded to players who create a new item to be used in role playing. For example, a new medical or engineering tool, or possibly a new vessel class. All such changes should be run through the proper SIG (special interest group), and eventually through the Leadership Board. 

The Exploration ribbon is awarded to players that discover (create) new ideas. For example the gateway, a new alien race, or planet. 

Borderlands 'Years of service' ribbons show how long a member has been with our organization. Each mark signifies one year,a second ribbon is used after five years.  

For an alternate usage of some of these ribbons please visit: