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Hall of Fame

Every year we will select 2 of our players for induction into the Borderlands Hall of Fame.

We take pride in recognizing the following valued players of Star Trek: Borderlands. and we applaud their leadership and long standing commitment to our RPG. Many of these people are still with us today! Others have since moved on, but they will be forever remembered for what they have contributed to our game. 

Star Trek: Borderlands Hall of Fame Honorees


Anne Pillsworth (May 2008)


Cathy Christian (June 2010)
Dave Church (June 2010)
Dennis Faulkner (June 2010)
Marney Robinson (June 2010)
Jake Truemper (June 2010)


Anthony Williams (June 2011)
Ken Denmead (June 2011)


Tom Bateman  (May 2013)
Catherine Hodgson  (May 2013)
Rich LeValley  (May 2013)
Ken Warner  (May 2013)

The next inductees wil be added in May/June 2014.