You have just discovered the home of the Star Trek: Borderlands PBEM-RPG Community!  We have been an active roleplay group for more than 20 years and we're so happy that you've stopped by to check us out!

There are plenty of Play by Email and Play by Post games on the internet.  Many of them are Star Trek games.  Why?  Because Star Trek presents such a rich backdrop against which to write.  In what other genre can you find hundreds of hours of episodes and movies to draw from?  In what other genre will you find so many books and fan sites providing reference material galore?  

So you're here and you're thinking about MAYBE trying a Play by Email style game.  You've taken the first step.  Here's some reasons to take the next one.
  • Writing in a Star Trek Sim is fun!  
  • It's engaging and it's easy.  Yes, it's easy!  Especially when you have a group of people who are dedicated to creating that experience with detail and heart.   
  • STAR TREK: BORDERLANDS offers several role play options, since we have 8 game environments to choose from.  You can write in one or as many as you can handle.  We want your perspective on our game world.
  • We offer a 20+ year success story, with backstory material filled with richness and depth.  We are proud that we are not another fly-by-night sim that will be gone tomorrow.  
Click HERE to check out all of our groups on a single page or use the links at the right to check them out one by one.  Then once you're done, ask yourself what role you want to play on any of the starships or station choices available in Star Trek: Borderlands.

"You're a man who dreams of being a hero because you know, deep down, that you're not. I'm no hero either, but I do know how to make a choice."    -  Garak, Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine

So, are you ready to choose Star Trek: Borderlands?  Are you ready to begin YOUR ADVENTURE?  




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Check out ALL that Star Trek: Borderlands has to offer!
We have 8 distinct RPG Games.
One is perfect for YOU!



(Delta Freedom Alliance)

(Romulan Star Empire)

(Klingon Empire)

3 Stations!


(Starfleet/DFA Joint Command)


"When I first started playing in Borderlands, I didn't want to join anyone else's game.  I wanted to create my own.  It wasn't easy.  I couldn't find anyone to join me in my vision.  Through Borderlands, I connected with lots of people and have been able to grow far beyond what I expected.  It's a great group.  I've been a member for 6 years now!   I'm so happy that I joined." - Rich, Seiklon Axel

"Borderlands is a place where ST fans gather together to play and talk about ST and sci-fi. I made a lot of friends here and also had a chance to meet old ones that I hadn't seen for a while."  - Drika, S'task

"I first became exposed to PBeM back in the mid 90's and was heavily involved in the Star Trek universe in a collection of games known as Stargame. Real Life got in the way in the mid 2000's and I fell away from gaming for a time, but one of my fellow Stargamers stumbled into Bordlerlands in the summer of 2012 and turned me onto the group. I eased back in with one game at first, but quickly remembered how much I loved the writing and the camaraderie, and now I'm involved in several. The players are engaged and welcoming, and I can't believe I stayed away so long." -  RJ, XO SES S'Task

" Though I am currently not playing (because Real Life is a pain sometimes) I spent many happy years playing and even ran one of the sims (Starbase Phoenix) for a couple of years. A wonderful fleet, with over 20 years of RPing! 

Consider joining today!" - Jonathan Isaac Moore

"My story is the same as Jon's. RL has caused me to back away, but I highly support this group and the people within it. During my time I ran one sim (Cromwell) and helped to found another. 

Consider joining. If you enjoy RPing, you won't regret it." - Mark Vorenkamp

"You put in a lot of creativity and dedication, you get friendship and the feeling of belonging. Star Trek Borderlands goes beyond the series and books, you as a player get to participate in a whole new story. You become part of the whole Star Trek universe. This pbem-rpg is highly recommended for any Star Trek fan that likes to write and wants to experience what it's like to be part of the crew of a starship!" -  Raph E.