Online Safety and Privacy

This film offers simple advice about being safe online:

This film reminds students to think carefully about what they share:

More films to watch:

Younger students who write public blogs will want to be sure not to share any personal information that could identify them to a reader. This includes their names, addresses, phone numbers, and photos of themselves. They also need to be careful not to share any such information about their friends, classmates, or relatives. They can do so by using
just their first names or by creating "screen names." They can also share their personalities without including personal photos by creating avatars. 

High school students should be advised to be careful about what they share - avoiding anything that would allow a reader to come find them - but most will want to include their full names as part of building a positive digital footprint. They still need to be reminded that they should not share anything too personal and should not share personal information or photos of friends or relatives without permission.