* Roel Bouman en Ritmeester sire Ritmeester UTV 1966.

* Roel Bouman en Countrystar sire Calvino Z out of Karjolijn Ida line Indoor Veendam 2016.

* Voilastar sire Quick Star approved CWHBA Grand Prix 1.60m out of Goldstar Canada.

* Calidostar sire Calido approved CWHBA 1.30m out of Kilexa.

Holstein stamm 104a Canada.

* Utopia-star sire Wolkentanz II out of Goldstar Nomana line Holland.

Reserve kampioen NMK elite merries.

* Kolstar sire Zuidhorn 1.30 m out of Goldstar Nomana line Finland.

* Luckystar sire Ramano Z dr / 1.10 m out of Goldstar Nomana line hunter in USA.

* Rilexa BP sire Concept 1.30m out of Kilexa Holstein stamm 104a Canada.

* Contado sire Canturo 1.30m out of Zenith II Holstein stamm 18 B1 Canada.

* Truestar sire Havidoff ster out of Goldstar Nomana line Canada.

* Orionstar sire Caruso Z dr out of Goldstar Nomana line Holland.

* Canturostar sire Canturo out of C Starlight Holstein stamm 5356 Canada.

* Quality Star sire Quickstar 1.35m out of Silberlight Holstein stamm 5356 approved at AES.

* Ferleen-Star 1.30m sire Aragorn dam Perleen sire Ramirado Holstein stamm 474A now sportname Farmers Girl HS

* Just Another Star class 1.20m sire Gaillard de la Pomme out of Countrystar .

Now at Ashford Farm in Belgium.

* Geni-Star sire Aragorn out of Keni sire Cascavelle Holstein stamm 2361 Holland.

Bekend o.a. door Quinlan Grand Prix 1.60m spr met Vincent Voorn.

* All- Star ZZ spr,sire Aragorn out of Hantara sire Lord Holstein stamm 1333 Spain sportname Woody.

(licensing 2016 Kwpn catalogue nr 10)

*Levisto-Star sire Levisto Z out of Karoline I Holstein stamm 162 Belgium.

*Guines Calido's Subtle born 2011 sire Calidostar 1.30 m dam Truestar all out of Starstables breeding , here at Indoor Spruce Meadows Spring tournament 2018 .