“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” ~  Kahlil Gibran

Petition 1: Player Independence


  The Star Sonata Progress Group (SSPG) was not started in defiance against the Administration Staff at Star Sonata’s Main Site and holds a neutral stance on all petitions held on it’s pages. SSPG is the attempted effort of players within the Star Sonata community to exchange petitions with the official Administration Staff. 

Why aren't you posting on the forums? 

 The action of serving petitions on the official forum is not discouraged, however the petitions themselves would be lost or clouded in irrelevant discussion. SSPG is designed to preserve these petitions for further viewing as they were intended to be viewed. 

How can we discuss petitions?

  Originally,  petition discussion was going to be on the official forums. After careful thought,  it was decided that petitions posted on SSPG would be discussed through www.petitiononline.com. Using PetitionOnline means that we can keep track of how many people actually read the petitions and also acts as a sort of signing/voting systems..

How about official word on the petitions? 

 SSPG will contact the Star Sonata Staff via email and wait for official replies. Once the Administration Staff at Star Sonata responds officially to the petition, the response will be made public on the petition pages they responded to. SSPG would rather not be a nuisance, so I prefer the Star Sonata Staff to reply to our petitions with relative haste.
 I want to support petitions on this site, how can I do that?
You can use this image on your forum signature (image is larger on the forum):

via this code:


Additionally you can just give them the url of the website.

So you say that you are neutral, yet you are serving petitions? Are you a Hypocrite?

SSPG as a group is neutral. The Petitions are written by the community and sent* to SSPG to be served to the Star Sonata Administration.

*Once you have sent a "petition" into SSPG the petition you yourself sent may be stitched into a larger or related petition.

 Where do I send my petition?


How was SSPG born?

The original idea of SSPG is credited to the "Peoples Movement Act" on Anarchy Online. Although the program of PMA was short lived, Funcom did listen and fix the problems, which made the organization itself useless afterwards. Maybe that will be the same fate of SSPG? I hope so.