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WV Teachers - Walk Out in all 55 Counties

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Due to what members call the West Virginia Legislature’s failure to meet insurance and wage increase demands, 

the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia, West Virginia School Service Personnel Association and West Virginia Education Association announced the strike will continue Monday.

“Early Friday, Berkeley County Schools announced that our schools would open on Monday. This decision was made following conversation and with agreement of local representatives of employee associations. Friday, at 4:30 pm, state union leaders announced the work stoppage would continue through Monday. This announcement came as a surprise to many,” said Berkeley County Schools Superintendent Manny Arvon in a news release Saturday afternoon.

“After gathering information from various sources locally and statewide, Berkeley County Schools will remain closed on Monday due to the statewide work stoppage,” Arvon said. “The status of Tuesday is unknown at this time. An update will be provided as quickly as it is known.”