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WV Adjutant General


To our West Virginia National Guard family - We are unfortunately at a point once again where we are preparing for a potential government shutdown. 

The current continuing resolution funding expires tonight at midnight and without another continuing resolution or budget deal before that deadline, we will have to implement an orderly shutdown.

If, by midnight tonight, Congress is unable to reachan agreement on funding, all West Virginia National Guard employees, technicians and Active Guard Reserve members will report for duty as scheduled on Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 to implement an orderly shutdown of activities. For those units who are scheduled to drill this weekend, drill will be cancelled if no budget is passed. 

The Governor and I, along with the citizens of the great State of West Virginia, cannot underscore how proud we are for the professionalism and integrity each of you show in the face of budgetary uncertainty while continuing to secure our homeland and Nation. 

We will continue to provide updates via your chain of command, email and through social media as information becomes available.

-Maj. Gen. James A. Hoyer, the Adjutant General of the West Virginia National Guard.


02.09.2018 -- The brief government shut down ended -
Things are back to normal this morning -
No concerns for now.