Lake Twenger Almsee in Austria

Picture by Matt Aust 
Not by our efforts.
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The words spoken by Matt Aust >

I took this view of wintermilch straße on 20. October in Austria at a height of 2240 M,
 from approx. 3:42 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 You can see on the left very clearly the zodiacal (Zodiac Light) 
and can discover the approach of the gegenschein in the middle 
Except for a time lapse in a time lapse about 3 years ago,
 this is my first photo on the zodiacal, and on the gegenschein.

 I would never have dared to think at all. 
For more information about the the you can find here before I try to explain it in my own words

The Galactic Arch was a little higher than I expected, which led to quite a bit of problems when assembling photos and transforming the final result.
 Since October I've always been on the picture again, but it didn't want to be right. 
A few days ago, I took another night and finally brought it to this conclusion. Far from being perfect, but still better than discarding the image.

For Recording:
The Picture is a full 360° panorama composed of approx. 50 photos that took a little more than an hour. 
Taken with an astro modified Sony a7s and the Venus Optics-Laowa 15 mm f2. yes this goes with fewer photos, 
but I wanted to go safe as always ^^ you see here a slightly smaller neckline From The 360°.
 Each image was exposed with 20 s and ISO 8000 at insufficient.

At Night:
The night was with approx. - 5°C still fairly mild and probably one of the last without snow in late October. 
I stayed around after 8 hours and photographed in a yeti sleeping bag by Hauser Exkursionen / Hauser Exkursionen Shop GmbH.

And other:
Something else on your own - if you live in Hanover and would like to learn how to edit such photos,
 especially the somewhat challenging wintermilch street -
 I give a seminar on 03. March. 

There are currently 5 seats available. You can find the exact content and possibility of booking here:


This is the Winter Milky Way arching over Lake Twenger Almsee in Austria, taken in late October.
 It's the very first time I managed to catch the Zodiacal Light, showing in the left, yay! 
And even a faint hint of the Gegenschein, which is kinda the "other end" of the Zodiacal Light, as you can see in the middle below the Milky Way arc. 
I had a hard time editing this since the Milky Way arc was rising up way higher than I expected. 
 It's far from perfect but this is the best I came up with after several months of trying over and over again to get a decent result. 

It is actually a cropped full 360° pano with some transformation issues. Made of ~50 photos 
taken with the Laowa 15mm f2.0 and an astro modded Sony A7s at 20s and ISO 8000. 
Same settings for each image.I know this is way too much images for a 360° with 15mm, but I wanted to make sure to not miss something :-D 

Anyway it took about an hour to take all the photos, starting at 4:00 in the morning until 5:00.
 I arrived late in the afternoon, found a nice camping spot and spent the next 8 hours walking around taking photos. 


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