Valentine's Special

Valentine - Loving the one you Love - Special Events

The phone above is now defunct.

If you have questions -
Please call   681.238.1434

Your recorded message will be forwarded
to us - as an email.

In Beckley - Raleigh County WV
Intersection I 64 and I 77.

It only takes 15 minutes to meet
and decide -
Small, Medium or Large.

30" portals into Space
Start in price @  $150 - In Beckley WV.

a 6' Star Portal into Space

Before you call to ask -
No - there is no painting of the ceiling black.

The daytime image on the left - is how your bedroom
ceiling will appear during day time hours..

The night time image on the right - is a special photograph
of the same room - using a light filter to capture 
and photograph star light.

As if a piece of glass replaces your bedroom wall or ceiling panel
every night - in the absence of all room light.


Please call 681.238.1434
It only takes 15 minutes to decide on small,
medium or large 
West Virginia Stargazing Portals, Walls, Ceilings
Complete Room Enwrapments
All 4 walls and the ceiling - included.