Monument Valley

Monument Valley - Utah

The above is a photograph of Monument Valley Utah -
Not our workmanship.

We do not create photographs.
Neither do we replicate them.

Our workmanship is to create -
as if a piece of glass - 
Replaces the ceiling over where you lay your head for sleep -
Or on the far wall away from your bed -

To magically appear every night -
When the room becomes totally void of light.

Portals begin in size @ 30".
May go to 12' in diameter.

Day and Night Stargazing Portals

There is absolutely NO painting
of the ceiling black - or any other color.
During the day - the ceiling is viewable
 just as it is now in the image to the left.

May include the entire ceiling.

Or may be an offset located
wall appearing portal - as if a large TV screen
Into the night time stars 

Of your choosing.

Certainly - no creation that we do -
Will ever include the tens of millions of stars
that have been captured here and now 
in this spectacular shot of Monument Valley - Utah.

That is in the hand of our creator - alone.

Call us - on our recorded line
Page us to hear your message -
How may we help you best?

We are in Southern West Virginia -
That is where we live and work.
Not traveling out of area
for custom night time art work - creations.

Local travel beyond 30 miles of home
 costs $1.25 x miles x 2 - extra

Motel charges
and any and all extra scaffolding or extra equipment charges
as needed to complete your project.