Beckley, Raleigh County, West Virginia

West Virginia Stargazing Portals,
Portals are 30" in Size - Starting @ $250  in Beckley, WV 
or Ceilings
or Complete Room Enwrapments.

WV Stargazing Rooms
This photograph is that of a ceiling - taken in Chandler Arizona
Not a 30" Portal - priced at $150 created locally.

While you see a photograph above-
We do not create photographs -

We create - daytime invisible -
Night time appearing portals
into the stars.

The photograph is showing daylight and zero light images
of the same room - for illustrative purposes.
Using a light filter - in order to take a picture.

Your ceiling or bedroom wall all appears to be normal -
The same as you see it now - if you looked up.

The AWE you will experience -
Comes every night - as the lights go out for you to sleep -

And -
Your night time stars - appear as if
a piece of glass replaces your bedroom ceiling - every night.

 Starting in size and price @ $250 for 30" Portals into Space.

Does NOT include any incredibly busy images
like the 7 Sisters - The Pleiades .

Those material and time intensive images
start in size at a 4x6' and in price @  $1800

30" [portals]
For Local - Beckley - Raleigh County - $250 Creations.

Beckley - Raleigh County West Virginia

Driving to Charleston - increases prices -
Tolls, Fuel and Time Spent - which is otherwise dedicated 
to be engaged in other -
more productive activities.

If we are in Charleston - We have wasted the day traveling.

Telephone   681-238-1434
A Recorded Phone Line.
Your message - comes to us as an email -
paging us to return your call.

Often we are across town - creating a new stargazing portal
for a new family and friends.

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