Gift it Forward

Even if you - might not want to see the night time stars appear - every night.
Thinking about a child or grand-child in your family - might give you pleasure.

It takes about 15 minutes to meet
and decide -
Small, Medium or Large.
A Portal starts in size @ 30" diameter.

May increase in size and price for a full ceiling or wall panel.
Have you seen the Pleiades - The 7 Sisters ?

May increase in size (and costs) to be the entire room -
A complete Room Enwrapment
(All 4 walls and the ceiling)

West Virginia Star Gazing Portals and Rooms

After 17 years - We shut down 
the phone number above.


Call  681.238.1434
Leave your message -
Because -
That message will immediately come 
to us - in the form of an email.

What may we do to help you?