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West Virginia Stargazing Bedrooms

How can we best serve you?

We offer the very unique ability -
Of coming to you - in your home-

And custom creating - night time only viewable galaxy views into your imagination.

We turn stern old men into silly giddy children time and time again.

The excitement builds and builds and builds at every new home - unveiling -
So much that - at one home - I had to ask what was that knocking sound ?

The nervous excitement of the Dad was so intense that he could not control
the jumping of his left foot against the bed frame.

The oohs and aahs.    The wows.    As new friends gasp in awe that they are
able to have the night time starts appear before their very eyes -

As if a piece of glass magically replaces the bedroom ceiling panel.

Children will no longer fight going to bed.

Taking a child's imagination - and helping focus on the night time darkness
will both stimulate and trigger a lifetime of wonder into our closest galaxy and beyond.