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WV Stargazing Rooms

Takes about 15 minutes to decide -
Small, Medium or Large

In Beckley, Raleigh County West Virginia

Portals begin in price

@  $150 - 
For 1 single star portal into space.

Prices do vary according to size, content and busyness
of the portal, wall, ceiling or complete room creation.

Here is the secure contact form.
Use it if you are in West Virginia.

If you live in any other US State or Region
Use it any how.
But Remember -it will take time for a response.
Artists are not in every City in America -
Waiting on your phone call.

Some are.  Most are busy - even as you are - daily.

Or Please Call   681.238.1434
A recorded phone line -
That sends an email of the message you leave.

We probably are across town - creating 
a new West Virginia Star Gazing Portal
for a new set of family and friends.