About Us

WV Painter of Dreams  


Following, a major fire that changed my life, the things that were once important seem so silly today.  
For those of you who wish to call and demand immediate help -  ... please remember that 


Creating the form of art work that I do brings me pleasure . 
Hearing the wows, the incredible comments that are made every time a person views our art 
for the first time ... 
will always be more welcome than listening to someone who is always complaining about what has not even been done for them yet ...   
We are local to Beckley West Virginia,

all overnight work - has additional costs measured past  
a 30 mile radius of Beckley 

 - and will include $.1.50 per mile round trip x2 plus $125 hotel lodging.. 
Plus any and all extra required scaffolding or needed beyond the usual.

This means -
Charleston, Princeton, Lewisburg, Summersville and Huntington WV.
All are Outside our usual service area.

If we are not creating 3 other portals for you or your family or friends ...
In your local neighborhood.

We are loosing - valuable local production time.
And usually do not do single unit efforts.
200 plus miles away.

But - you can certainly come to us - to meet and decide
on whether you would want a full wall presentation
or The Pillars of Hercules
or The Pleiades - 7 Sisters across from where you lay your head for sleep.

Conveniently located I64 and I77 in Beckley WV

Please call   681.238.1434 and leave a message -
That message will come to us in the form of an email.

If you present yourself well - you certainly will hear from us soon.

We am not available to talk about "how it is done"   
We do not provide carpentry services.
We do not provide spackling or painting services.
We do take the room as it is severed up to us ...
and custom create the stars of your choice.
... After you have finished the last coat of paint - walls and ceiling.
It is more than a dabbing of paint on the wall.
Design and Layout,
Working on ladders,
In blackened - no light rooms,
With Night Vision gear on.

One of the most important things to remember about what I do is this ...
Your sleep habits will change.
When you stargaze and allow your mind to focus on the constellations
as they are painted ... you soon will swear that the minor stars twinkle
as you gaze ...  (because they do)
Autistic children change their unfocused ways.
You likely will change how you feel as you fade off to sleep
merging into the twilight of sleeping under the stars - in your own bedroom.
A West Virginia Painter of Dreams

I generally do return calls - if you have presented yourself well.
I do not return calls or help everyone who attempts to contact me.

Telemarketeers call by the thousands every year.
If You do not distinguish yourself from one of those ...
Oh well,
Life is too short - not to live what years there are left - well.


Life is too short - not to live what years there are left - well.