Even if you choose to give your love a Single Rose ... We can help. .... Astronomy Enthusiasts, Constellations, Meteors - Shooting Stars, Hubble Space Telescope Presentations, Stargazing Portals 30" - 6 feet, Heavenly *Stargazing Ceilings* ........................................................and Complete Room Enwrapments.

   2019  Public Notice.
For 8 years we have advertised by internet form and fashion.
NO one bothers to read about what we do.
NO one in West Virginia has ever contacted us for a star portal
or a night time star scene - to appear and disappear in the daylight.

No one -  Based upon your lack of interest -
All offers are withdrawn.

We have ceased having any interest to service your family with 
jaw dropping awe and the wow's that happen - in every home.

It is over.
NO one cares.
They think it is stickers - Ha !

Starscapes - Stargazing Rooms - Portals, Windows to the Universe
Complete Ceilings or Full Room Enwrapments.
Starscapesfx Space Portal

Night time appearing Star gazing portals into space

Nightly - as if a piece of glass replaces the ceiling over your bed
to reveal the stars of your choice.
Daytime invisible - only night time view-able.


Bruce Cooper's Hobart Tasmania Dark Skys
(This is an amateur  photograph of the Milky Way.)
And is not an image that we will exactly reproduce.

Local Service Area -
 Beckley, Raleigh County WV
Stargazing Portals - Windows to the Universe
Full Ceilings
Complete Room Enwrapments

With or Without The Milky Way included.

It takes 15 minutes 
to decide -
Whether you want small, medium or large.

WV Stargazing Rooms

The art we create are not photographs
and are not - exact replicas of any image
you might see in any photograph.

Every Star - Painted by hand.
Every Nebula created by design.
Every Constellation grouping - 
not by random means.

Night time appearing Star gazing portals into space

Small, Medium or Large
Daytime Invisible
Only viewable in a totally blackened room
void of all light sources.

Pictures taken with light filters
in order to capture starlight
and share with you -
Otherwise - Invisible during the day time.

Call - (681) 238-1434 - A Recorded Line
That sends an email of the message you leave.

Paging us to hear your message.

Prices Increase - for size, 
color content & intensity,
 travel distance and
busyness of content.

Telephone your message to - (681)  238-1434.
This is a recorded line - that sends an immediate message to us.
We are often helping a new family with creating their new Star room.
Working in the dark, with night vision gear on, with phones turned off.

Nightly - as if a piece of glass replaces the ceiling over your bed
to reveal the stars of your choice.
Daytime invisible - only night time view-able.

The minor stars twinkle in the far distance.
The art work we create - changes people's lives.
Autistic Children change.
Stern old Men - turn into giddy laughing children again.
 The stress of your daily life - simply kind of - melts away every night.
  • The stars can be Orion's belt.   ... Or other major star constellation clusters.
  •  They can be the way the heavens were the day you first made love to your wife,
  • The day you were married,
  • The day a child was born.
or any other special occasion.



What makes us Unique?  ???? 
We come to your home and create invisible stargazing rooms in your or your children's bedrooms.  

These depictions of the stars you wish to see only come out at night -
after the lights in the room are turned out ...
and you or your children are ready to rest and sleep.

The can be as small as 30" (inch) portals into Space ...
with your choice of the star constellations that the Hubble telescope has photographed. 
They can include the creation on your bedroom ceiling complete -
with 5 - 7 major constellations or more ( depending on agreed portal sizing )
which are normally seen in your latitude and longitude -
Created as near correct in their relationship to their neighboring star clusters.   
The stars you want to see - can be the Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere stars.
If desired ... the 4 walls and the ceiling can be used as canvas to create a full room enwrapment ...
that nearly give the feeling of being on Oahu watching the Southern Cross
 and all of the Milky Way twirl right on by.
As Options, We can add nebula, shooting meteors, the Milky Way.
If all of this is too much,
We could simply paint a simply rose over your lover's bedroom door
so that she can see the symbol of your love.

If you tell your children that Angels watch over them at night ...
We can create an angel that only appears when the lights turn out
for sleep.
If you have a room large enough for a Battle Star Galactica Space Battle Scene ...
 we can have photon torpedoes shooting at each other with a
ship exploding in space ... with remembrance of Lorne Greene as Adama.

What makes us unique?
We work in pitch blackness creating such star gazing portals.
We block off all the windows and doors from any incoming light.
We add color where needed.

We turn stern old men into giddy children over and over and over again.
For that we have a sense of purpose.

  Please Call (681) 238-1434

A Recorded Phone Line.

Your message will come to us-

In the form of an email - sharing how we can help you easiest.


Stargazing Rooms, Earth and beyond

No Red Hues used.  If or when we do use an Orange for highlight -

Expect those highlights to have a short viewing life -

Unless you permanently mount UV lights for constant viewing.