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                    2012 Annual Reunion
              Banquet evening Group Photo  

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Also a group picture taken at the Nimitz Museum


23rd Annual Reunion September 2012

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speeches by these classmates at 2012 Reunion banquet.
Hank Abraham Class 13 
Bob Barnard Jr Class 18
Bob Evans Class 14
Bob Green Class 3
Bob Landry Class 20

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Las Vegas 29Sept-3Oct is in the works.


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                      Facts on Fiscal Survival Facing Our Nation


                 Serious Concern for Apparent Apathy


2011 Annual Reunion Recorded for Posterity 
Here was the starting point -
This picture was at the 2010 Reunion and Bern Glasser in a serious expression as he advises Alumni Group Pres. Bob Burke that he'll take on Chairman of the 2011 Reunion to be held in Los Angeles. Also you can see the happy expression on Joan Glasser, too bad we can't see Bob's face because he was indeed very, very happy.  
Here now begins the Reunion History
Bob Blegen and Bill Ziegler  Welcomed to President Reagan's Library by Hostess Lisa
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Activities and Events  
 Farewell Banquet          2011 Reunion Farewell Banquet
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                                           VIDEO LIBRARY

 This is Paul Grunland Class 26 at the 2010 Reunion providing 

  a video adding to the Bank of Memories.




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2010 Annual Reunion was 26-30 Sept. in Las Vegas,NV
         2010 Reunion Pictures
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          Las Vegas 2010 Videos
 Columbia Univ to Allow ROTC  Click this link for note from Archie Fellenzer, Class 26          


 Commemorative Plaque

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 2009 Annual Reunion - Videos First
2009 Annual Reunion Hospitality Room Perusals

YouTube Video


YouTube Video



YouTube Video

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

 2008 Annual Reunion 

  First attendees list 11July Attendees list updated 21July updated 14 Aug (45)

                                         updated 20 Aug (50) updated 29 Aug (52) updated 30 Aug (54)

                                          updated 2 September (59)

Sightseeing Plans added 16July 

 Planned Agenda added 23Aug  


2008 Reunion Friday Evening Dinner


2007 Annual Reunion         2008 Reunion Concluded   Record of Festivities here and in Vidos below

 2007 Reunion Feedback                       

  2007 Reunion Treasurer's Report






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 Geo Daly (Cl 3) & Frances (her 88th birthday)        LTJG Geo Daly & Frances Apr '42