Ancient Mariners Logo Caps and Shirts

January 16, 2009
Aloha, Here is a message from our president, Bob Burke
Your USNRMSAG organization has made arrangements with the Queensboro Shirt Co. to provide caps, tee shirts, polo shirts and other articles of apparel as well as miscellaneous of their products with the Ancient Mariner logo. You can use this link to view the full line of products
In order to make purchases directly from Queensboro, one must purchase at least 4 items at one time.  Payment for articles ordered directly from Queensboro will be made to Queensboro. 
If the purchaser wishes to order less than 4 articles he may do so by placing his order by email to member Bob Evans, class 14,  at   Bob will accumulate orders to make the minimum, so listed prices of Queensboro Twill Caps @ $6.95 and Two-Ply Pocket Polo Shirts @  $14.95 are expected to be less as Bob will take advantage of  Sales or Discounts when offered. Prices for the articles will be at cost from Queensboro and the USNRMSAG treasury will cover the cost of shipping mdse to Bob’s home and from Lawrence, KS to the buyers shipping address.   Payment for articles ordered through Bob Evans will be by check made payable to “USNRMSAG” and sent to Assistant Treasurer Cdr. Bob Burke at 628 S. Burbank St., Ridgecrest CA  93555.

Please note it is planned to provide members attending the 2009 Reunion in Washington, D.C. with one of these caps. So if you buy one in the meantime and attend the Reunion you’ll receive another or else a refund of what you paid earlier, your choice.
The following pictures provided by Maria Morris-Burke show the Ancient Mariner logo displayed on the two items mentioned above ---