2011 Annual Reunion Correspondence

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From: ROBERT BLEGEN <bobblegen@msn.com>
To: Bob Burke <cdrbob@verizon.net>
Cc: Bill Ziegler <waziegler@aol.com>
Subject: LA reunion date?
Greetings! I hope the LA reunion is planned for the last week in September. At least two of us may miss it if it's scheduled
any earlier in the month. Bob Blegen 16
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011  
Subject: Fwd: LA reunion date?
I second the motion. I would ordinarily plan to return from Montana to Connecticut on or about October 1 and could do the Reunion on my way.
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To: waziegler@aol.com; ROBERT BLEGEN <bobblegen@msn.com>
Subject: Re: Fwd: LA reunion date?
Greetings Bill & Bob,
Yes it is last week of 25-30 Sept. and I hope to get some preliminary info out soon on it .
 Bob please note this is a new email address for me.
Best regards,
Bob Burke
Hello Bernie;

Now that the holidays are behind us believe we can begin the administrative portion of the Annual Meeting planning with selecting the dates of the event. The site of Los Angeles and all the things it offers might make it worthwhile to make it a 5 day event. Recent reunions have shown attendees to like and enjoy their associating with others so adding another could be a welcome addition from that standpoint.

Following our Fall timetable schedule I would suggest arriving Sunday Sept. 25 thru Thursday Sept. 29 departing Friday Sept.30. Please let me know if this meets with your approval and I will let the membership know for their planning purposes.

Best regards,

Bob Burke

Sent: Sunday, March 27, 2011 9:58 PM

Dear Bob,
Will be investigating the following as the months fly by.

Hotels: Century Plaza in Century City and The Mariott Courtyard in Century City..

Day trip 1. Visit to museum at the Motion Picture Academy in Beverly Hills. Possibility of seeing a film
in the state of the art theater., Buffet lunch in an unusual setting in Century City. A tour of Beverly Hills
which includes a visit to Rodeo Drive etc. A welcome by the Mayor of Beverly Hills and a presentation of
certificates of gratitude from the citizens of Beverly Hills, presented by the Mayor to members of the group

Day Trip 2. A visit to the fair at Venice beach (if operating) and time to enjoy a stroll along the beach front.. Then lunch at
the Getty Museum and time to view the world famous Getty collection.

Have a wonderful entertainer who plays the piano and keeps his audiences laughing. Have not discussed his fee.
He may be too expensive. It would be helpful to get some idea of the budget from previous activities. I'm counting
on our service during WW 2, to open doors and reduce hotel rates. Best regards Bern and Joan Glasser.

Sent: Monday, March 28, 2011 3:03 PM

Hello Joan and Bern,

These activities really will be great. So would including the screening at Pantages Theater and British buses you mentioned earlier. Once you have a hotel, please include a breakfast buffet. Past range of entertainment expenses medium is $1000.00 and total expenditure medium has been $3500.00 over attendees registration fees. Please only use as guideline because if takes a higher expenditure from the treasury leading to a most successful reunion it certainly is warranted. Important is keeping members out of pocket costs reasonable, i.e. hotel and registration fees. I hope to get a preliminary notice out to the group members soon but right now Turbo Tax is interfering.

Thanks so very much for your handling of this event,


To: Gene Barber, Class 26, Editor Sunday Log, etc.,

Hello Gene,

This is to get you into the loop of communication that brought forth an earlier response from Bob Marshall who also makes regular contributions to your Ancient Mariner periodical of Memories. BTW at the last Annual Reunion in Las Vegas the members present agreed to authorize round trip air fare (Coach) for you to attend this forthcoming reunion in Los Angeles. Gene, it doesn’t get any better than that, so we request you give it your serious consideration.

Very sincerely,

Bob Burke
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011
To: Bob Marshall
Hello Bob,
Thanks for your rapid response. I’ve provided some answers in BLUE added in text. I know Bernie will appreciate comments/suggestions so please don’t hesitate.
Bob B.
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: USNR WWII Midshipmen's School 2011 Annual Reunion
Dates Sept 25-30. Assume arrive Sunday afternoon, check out Friday morning. Correct assumption five nights.
Hope you schedule so main events are Mon Tues Wed, with Thursday as an extra day. It would different to have the banquet other than the last night but don’t see why it couldn’t be.
Being local, our limit is 4 nights. Bob I’m curious about the connotation of “our limit” ?
Enthusiastic about Beverly Hills activities. Obviously Bernie has contacts we don't have. Yes and we’ll certainly benefit from it.
In a message dated 6/1/2011 10:34:06 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, res16xt2r@verizon.net writes:

Hotels: Century Plaza in Century City and The Marriott Courtyard in Century City..

Are you using two hotels, or still deciding? These were very early on thoughts, Bernie’s still deciding but it’ll only be one. I know they are close together and both expensive.
If you are using two, which will be headquarters. Checked regular rates $262 and $209 respectively. Ouch but these are posted rates and I know Bernie’s planning’s not in this high rate range.
You may need to Pray a lot about special rates. At $50 difference we still prefer the Century Plaza, we think. We know nothing about that Marriott. Special parking rates might be available ??
Bob Marshall 22nd
ps Was able to bring up the Alumni Site at the bottom of your email, but not the BozoButts.
Message was that it was not available. The “BozoButts” is Bernie’s email address, not a Website link.


Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 


Hi cmdr, Bob,
Please forward to me the number of hotel rooms required (+/-). What would be your guesstimate(+/-)
for the number of attendees at the banquiet? If more than 25 the Courtyard would not work.
Received a good daily rate for the Century Plaza, but it did not include breakfast, which is too expensive.
There are other Beverly Hills hotels to be considered. Will try to close on a hotel next week after I have your
I Am planing to be on a cruise for seven days beginning August first. I'll have my Mac with me and
the ship has internet service. Also have someone in L.A. who will know about all the arrangements and
will handle any changes.
Regards. Bern & Joan.

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011

Greetings Bern & Joan,
Based on recent figures believe we’re looking at h
otel rooms needed 35 (+ or – 5)
and banquet attendees would be 70 (+ or – 5) . Certainly best to get a good hotel rate rather than providing breakfasts.
Good to hear you’re embarking on at least your second cruise this year. This year we’re down to one and it’s coming up in November.
We’ve changed our modus operandi to do more RVing thus enabling us to have our 3 small dogs and 2 parrots companions along.
Best regards to you both,
Maria & Bob

From: cdrbob
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 9:20 PM
Subject: Hotel Possibility 2011 USNR Reunion Los Angeles 25-30 Sep
Mr. Bernard Glasser,Chairman 2011 Annual Reunion
Dear Bern,
As I mentioned in our conversation this afternoon here is the background relating back to the Reunion in Palm Springs. It could be a factor in your selecting subject meeting site.
Chronologically it starts with the bottom message from Bill Mason a Classmate from your Class 20. Then my message in the middle layer to Myron and then the upper one from Myron to me.
All are circa Sept. 2007. I believe Myron lives in Pasadena, possibly with this phone # (626) 449-1435 and the email address I’m using for him appears to be valid.
Best regards,
https://sites.google.com/site/starsandstripesshop/ and http://srnetizen.pbworks.com are our Websites, on your keyboard just press & hold “Ctrl” and while clicking left mouse button over the link.
As we all know, it was just a matter of assignment that I was sent to Berkeley and your folks to Columbia, which would have been a great place for me. My commitments do not permit joining you in the desert, but I certainly salute your crew for gathering together one more time.
For Myron: - As you know we're all from Columbia University and your being from Univ. of Calif. Berkeley puts us all under the WWII Midshipmen umbrella and though it's never occurred before you are most welcome to attend.Just might set an necessary precedence since our yearly attendance is dropping that we extend our get together invitations . So hope you'll respond affirmately.We certainly thank you for the most gracious offer for your hotel accommodations after the reunion. I will include it in anything else I send out as well as posting it as a special notice on the Website. Likewise I'll mention it at our Orientation & Business Mtg. but it would be more appropriate for you to do so if you are attending. Just let me know.
Sincerely & Best regards,
Another Day to Excel
Thanks for your prompt response to my e-mail. Julia (my wife) and I are planning to come over for at least two days and a night. Please send me a registration form.
The Marine I mentioned who was in V-12 and graduated from Midshipman's School at Berkeley is Myron Harpole, owner of the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo, California. This is a very nice 653 room hotel next to the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). He said he would arrange for rooms for anyone going to the reunion who might want to spend a night or two here in LA at a rate of $35.00. It is an "at cost" rate and is extremely favorable. If you think there is time to send out this offer, please contact Myron (whose e-mail address I show as a copy holder of this message) and he can give you further details.
Myron stayed in The Marine Corps and retired as a Colonel. He served in Korea but, like I, was scheduled to invade Japan and was saved by the Bomb being dropped. That's why we are both still on this planet and both members of the El Segundo Chamber of Commerce..
I have sent him a copy of your letter to me.
Bill Mason

6/23/2011 10:57 PM

To: bern glasser<bozobutts@aol.com>;

CC: WTMason2@aol.com;mharpole@pacbell.net;bob marshall;bob green;joe burrow;Gene Barber;BILL HAMILTON;Ray Samuelson;Jack Trenner;Robert Stover;

Subject: Hotel Headquarters  2011 USNR Reunion Los Angeles 25-30 Sep

Mr.Bernard Glasser, Chairman 2011 Annual Reunion

Dear Joan and Bern, Congratulations on your subject achievement. This is wonderful news that we’ll be staying at the Hacienda Hotel in El Segundo a very nice 653 room hotel next to the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

Please convey to Mr. Myron Harpole an invitation to be our guest to participate in all the Reunion activities and the accompanying friendship and recollection of our U. S. Navy early days.Very sincerely,

Bob Burke Another Day to Excel

https://sites.google.com/site/starsandstripesshop/ and http://srnetizen.pbworks.com are our Websites, on your keyboard just press & hold "Ctrl" and while clicking left mouse button over the link.