2007 Annual Reunion Attendees Feedback








After completing, please leave in the Hospitality  Room  on Thursday morning.                             


Which are you?           _17___   An  Alumni Member         ___ A Spouse or Guest


Reunion Attendance    _2__ First    ____ Once before     _17__   Two or More


How did you get to the Reunion?  _10__ Drove     _9_ Flew     ___Other


Overall, how would you rate the 2007 Annual Reunion?


_16__   Excellent       _3__Good        _1__ Fair     ____Poor


How do you consider the  following  activities:


The Welcome Aboard  Party the first evening


_15__ Excellent       _3__Good        ___ Fair     ___Poor      __1__  Did not attend


Evening  Orientation  and Business Meeting.


_12__ Excellent       _7__Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor    ____ Did not attend


Group Photo Session


_7__ Excellent       _8__Good        _3__ Fair     ____Poor    _1___ Did not attend


Banquet Night Cash Bar


_6__ Excellent       _5__Good        _1 Fair     ____Poor    __6_ Did not utilize


Banquet Night Dinner


_16__ Excellent       __3_Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor 


Banquet Night Speaker


_13__ Excellent       _1__Good        _2__ Fair     __1__Poor  


This year's registration fee was   $150.00 per person.  How would you rate the value you received for  this  

amount ?


_17__ Excellent       _2__Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor




How would you assess the following ?


Palm Springs Tour

 _15__ Excellent     _2__Good      _1/2__ Fair     _1/2__Poor   ___ Did not go on tour



_15__ Excellent     ___Good      ___ Fair    ___Poor    _2__ Did not take tram


Air Museum Visit

_13__ Excellent       __1_Good        ___ Fair    ___Poor _4__ Did not visit


Date Shake    

_14__ Excellent       _3__Good        _1__ Fair     ____Poor    ___  Did not partake



_2__ Excellent       _3_Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor   _12__ Did not go there


Mineral Water Pool

__7_ Excellent       __1_Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor      __9_ Did not use 


Areas local to Hotel


 _8__ Excellent       _5_Good        _2__ Fair     ____Poor   _2__  Did not see


Buffet Breakfast

 _15__ Excellent       _3__Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor  ___ Did not partake


Hospitality Room

 _13__ Excellent      _5 _Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor   ___ Did not use


How would you rate the following:


Reunion Information  _13__ Excellent       _4__Good        __1_ Fair     ____Poor


Hotel Registration      _17__ Excellent       _2__Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor


E-Mail Messaging       _11__ Excellent       _2__Good        __1_ Fair     ____Poor  


Information by Mail    _10__ Excellent      _4__Good        _1_ Fair     ____Poor


Telephone Comm.     _5__ Excellent       _2__Good        ___ Fair     ____Poor


Comments and Suggestions: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___11____________________________________


Name (Strictly Optional) _______16______________________________



These are the Cmments & Suggestions received


Thanks Bob & Maria for an excellent “show”. You were kind & considerate to us all.


Subject of speaker not valid for 80 yr. olds. Thanks to Cdr Bob for putting this all together & to Maria, wife

& photographer.


Better than excellent. OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks to Maria.


Would appreciate more advance info on itinerary in future by either  and both email & by mail.


Get details of program as early as possible to attract more attendance @ Columbia incl St. Johns Cath.,

Riverside Church, Brooklyn Navy Yard via launch from Battery. In NY @ Columbia get Pres. Bollinger to

invite us & give “Welcome” address.


Kudos to the Burke,  who worked so hard & this event on. Everything worked out perfectly.


Good job Bob – I know you and Maria put a lot of time and effort into planning & implementing the reunion. 



The logistics stagger my mind (and scare the pants off me!)


39  Alumni on the list attending 19 from California add Washington Oregon Montana Arizona and 2/3 were

 from the West – location – tell you something - - - vote was over    whelming for New York City


New York sounds very interesting  Bob Burke did a great job – answering all questions and herding

stragglers! 4.0!  Well done! Host Ladies Too!


Do not think New York is good choice for next year. It’s expensive, unfriendly, not  old/disabled friendly.

I’m not nostalgic for Columbia & Columbia has not been very friendly to USN recently.