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March 2014                                                                                                     

Date:                                            Event:                                                      Location:

March 26                     Fundamental Principles ofAB 109 Public Safety Realignment Carlsbad

March 27-28                Grant Writing Class                                                   Anaheim

March 28                     Metal Theft Training Announcement                        Commerce

March 31                     The First Fifteen                                                         Fontana

March 31-April 4        Basic Crisis Negotiations                                           Ventura


April 2014                                                                                                       

Date:                                           Event:                                                        Location:

April 1-4                     Critical Incident Response Training for Managers and Supervisors Ontario

April 1-3                     Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR)                               Anaheim

April 8-10                   Advanced Dispatcher Update                                    Upland           

April 8                         GPS for Law Enforcement                                        Live Stream

April 9                         Fundamental Principles of AB 109 Public Safety Realignment  Irvine

April 11                       Street Racing and Modified Emissions Training       Ontario

April 14-18                  Cognitive Interview & Statement Analysis               San Bernardino

April 21                       Interdiction Operations                                              Fontana

April 22                       Controlled Deliveries                                                 Fontana

April 23                       Report Writing & Courtroom Protocol                      Fontana

April 28-May 1           Bombers and Bombings                                             Montebello  Register

April 30-May 2           TacticalCommunications Instructor Course              Fairfield

May 2014                                                                                                         
Date:                                           Event:                                                       Location:
May 1                          Pitchess Motion                                                        Anaheim
May 5-7                       Civil Liability Seminar                                             Irvine
May 5-16                     Traffic Collision Reconstruction                               Thousand Oaks
May 7-9                       3-Day Sex Offender Supervision Officer Boot Camp  Ontario
May 13-15                   Tactical Communications Instructor Course              Irvine
May 14                        Grade Crossing Collision Investigation Course pg2  Anaheim
May 20-21                   ARIDE                                                                        Ontario
June 2014                                                                                                         
Date:                                                    Event:                                                Location:
June 24-27                   The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation Chino  Flyer
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