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Starr's Mill 0-3 Whitewater

posted May 8, 2018, 6:38 PM by John Bowen
Tuesday, May 8th    
at Starr’s Mill High School
by Arthur Walton

The Starr’s Mill’s Lady Panthers played against the Whitewater High School Lady Wildcats in the state semifinals.  The Lady Wildcats lost earlier in the season to the Lady Panthers and the Lady Wildcats looked eager to even the series. This showed immediately as the Lady Wildcats were controlling the early stages of the match and slotted home a goal in the 9th minute to take a 1 – 0 lead.  While the Lady Panthers looked to make a run, the Lady Wildcats put another goal on the board with 19 minutes to go in the half.  The score remained 2 – 0 through the end of the half.

As the second half got underway, the Lady Panthers pushed a little more, but were unable to come up with a goal.  The Lady Wildcats did put another on the board with 32 minutes remaining in the match to take a 3 – 0 lead.  The Lady Panthers were unable to put a goal across, although they tried, and the final score ended up 3 – 0 in favor of the Lady Wildcats.  For the Lady Panthers, Seniors Sara Biddle, Macey Voorhies, Makira Walton, Kirsten Oates and Lauren Avidano all played well in their final match and these Seniors will be missed!!

Go Panthers!

Final Game Statistics:
                                                    Starr’s Mill                                     Whitewater
Shots                                            9 (5 on goal)                                11 (10 on goal)
Saves                                           7                                                  5
Corners                                        2                                                  1
Offsides                                        0                                                  0