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SMHS 10-0 Morrow

posted Apr 22, 2017, 11:04 AM by John Bowen
April 17th 2017
by Gordon Weidle

Interesting view from the bird’s nest watching Coach put the line up in a blender on Senior Night with my trusty spotter Nick who added color commentary. A night when we acknowledged the effort and sacrifice of Patrick Bonilla and Mick Pattison over the last 4 years. Job well done gentleman but let’s put a cherry on the sundae with a deep play-off run! I knew this was going to be an interesting evening when I had to ask their coach several times for the line-up card so I could announce his side and he had to enlist the women’s coach for assistance in figuring that out. Kudo’s to the visitors however for sportsmanship and hanging in there despite knowing the inevitable. It must be like stubbing your toe and waiting for the pain to reach your cerebellum. Speaking of line up in a blender, how fun was it to see Mick and Leo Samba up top. Mick taking set pieces, Samba on a break away. I was wondering if Leo might revert to defensive conditioning and pass the ball back to the wrong keeper on one of his jaunts but all good. The highlight for me was Mick getting the 9th goal and watching the bench have some fun with the celebration. Won’t detail all of the goals but as a recap. Patrick Bonilla with one, Jack Baker with 2, Ryan Shanahan with 2, Sam Pompeo with 3 and Leo Bueno with 1. A game where the guys had some fun finishing regional play but back to work now with a tilt against Walton tonight as a tune up and then the playoffs starting next Friday. This would be a good time to start playing your best soccer Panthers!