Project Proposal for Performance

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New Music Project



John Starosta, an American composer of contemporary music, has been writing solo piano works since the beginning of the 21st century. His compositions have been influenced by blues, heavy metal, and classical music. It wasn’t until the study of “serial” and “twelve tone” techniques that he was able to fuse these genres together and develop a voice that is unique in modern expression.

Anatoly Larkin, a Russian-born pianist and performance analyst has had an extensive background in music technology and performance practices of new and traditional music.  Aside from his professional work at Zenph Sound Innovations, his focus has been on working and collaborating with living composers, in particular, during his years as a member of the new music ensemble Zeitgeist.

Proposed Project

Concert Presentation

Larkin and Starosta’s proposed project currently consists of presenting selected compositions for solo piano by John Starosta, as performed and discussed by pianist Anatoly Larkin, throughout venues across the US.  After each performance, audience members are invited to discuss the work with the composer and performer, whether formally (inside the performance hall) or informally (outside), thereby providing a unique educational opportunity in context.  This presentation is approximately 1 hour in length and is best suited for halls that seat between 50 and 350 to create a more intimate atmosphere between the presentation and the audience.

Direct link to the webpage with videos featuring some of the performances:


Masterclass Offering

Please note: ( The masterclass is optional )

Whenever our engagement involves an educational setting, such as a music school or a music festival, we propose working in a workshop/masterclass setting with selected composer/pianist teams, who would have similarly collaborated or are interested in collaborating on a project of this type, whereby a pianist learns and performs a recently composed work by the composer, with the composer working closely with the pianist during the preparation stage to achieve the desired artistic result.

Masterclass Details

1) The workshop/masterclass would involve the presentation of a short 3-8 minute work, followed by a 30 minute discussion with John and Anatoly about the team’s work process, the achieved result, and future prospects of such collaboration. (If such an event was to last 3 1/2 hours, 5 teams could be worked with sequentially, for example).  In the spirit of a traditional masterclass, the performance (and the composition) would be “worked through” by the team with John and Anatoly, and then presented once more before the end of the session.

2) We would request scores to be sent to us electronically (in PDF format) at least 2 weeks in advance of the event, so as to give us time to make the selections as well as familiarize ourselves with the music.


Concert Presentation

1) A detailed budget will be provided upon acceptance of project. This budget will include: travel / accommodationsprinting (for promotional posters and programs). 

2) As of right now we are not charging a fee for the "concert presentation," however, donations are welcome.


 The fee for 5 teams or less for 30min each is a flat rate of $300. (Anymore than 5 teams, the fee will be $40 extra per team)