Star of the West Society

Patriotic Remembrance Picnic at the Bellefontaine Cemetery, July 4, 1858

We are an informal association of women and men who live in the Central Mississippi Valley, and who strive toward authenticity in civilian impressions of the mid-1850s through 1865. Our goals include setting up a central clearing house for research about the mid-nineteenth century "west," including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and other western states and territories.  Our mission is to organize living history events, workshops, field trips, and educational experiences.  We also want to help men, women, and children attain higher standards in their civilian impressions.  We are dedicated to bringing alive the unique history of our own region.

Although some of the founders  of Star have known one another for decades, many of us came together as a community at the Battle of Athens in 2005.   We all share a deep passion for and enjoyment of mid-nineteenth century history.  We have no membership,  dues, officers, or bylaws.  Our main function is to organize events, share our knowledge, and raise funds for preservation efforts.  Anyone interested in participating in one of our events should contact us at starofthewestsociety at gmail dot com. Please be patient --  we don't always remember to check this email address.  If you know any of us personally, it would probably be best to contact us individually. 

Some of our past events have included living history experiences at historic villages in Missouri and Illinois, as well as  educational programs for the National Park Service. We also organize events at original Civil War-era sites, such as the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, Athens, Missouri, and at the site of the Camp Jackson Massacre in St. Louis.  Other events in St. Louis have included Civil War archaeological tours, Fourth of July and Christmas celebrations at the Old Courthouse, and period picnics and dinners. Our fundraising efforts have included support for Ft. Benton in Wayne County, the Fairfax House near St. Louis, and the Oakland House in Affton.  We also participate in local and national Civil War reenactments, usually as a community of kindred spirits.

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