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Movie Title :Fahrenheit 9/11

In this film, muckraker Michael Moore turns his eye on George W. Bush and his War on Terrorism agenda. He illustrates his argument about how this failed businessman with deep connections to the royal house of Saud of Saudia Arabia and the Bin Ladins got elected on fraudulent circumstances and proceeded to blunder through his duties while ignoring warnings of the looming betrayal by his foreign partners. When that treachery hits with the 911 attacks, Moore explains how Bush failed to take immediate action to defend his nation, only to later cynically manipulate it to serve his wealthy backers' corrupt ambitions. Through facts, footage and interviews, Moore illustrates his contention of how Bush and his cronies have gotten America into worse trouble than ever before and why Americans should not stand for it.

Year : 2004

Genres : Documentary War

Rating [imdb] : 7.60

The temperature where freedom burns! This July the fireworks will fly Controversy...What Controversy? Your country. Your future. Your movie. This summer Michael Moore turns up the heat.

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Actors : Ben Affleck=Himself (archive footage) Stevie Wonder=Himself (archive footage) George W. Bush=Himself (archive footage) James Baker III=Himself - Former Secretary of State (archive footage) Richard Gephardt=Himself - Congressman (archive footage) Tom Daschle=Himself - Senator (archive footage) Jeffrey Toobin=Himself - Author of "Too Close to Call" (archive footage) Al Gore=Himself - U.S. Vice President and Senate President (archive footage) Condoleezza Rice=Herself - National Security Advisor (archive footage) Donald Rumsfeld=Himself (archive footage) Saddam Hussein=Himself (archive footage) George Bush=Himself - Former U.S. President (archive footage) Ricky Martin=Himself (archive footage) Byron Dorgan=Himself - Senator in Subcommittee on Aviation (archive footage) Osama Bin Laden=Himself (archive footage) Craig Unger=Himself - Interviewee Larry King=Himself - On "Larry King Live" (archive footage) Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz=Himself - Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to USA (archive footage) (as Prince Bandar bin Sultan) Jack Cloonan=Himself - Interviewee as Retired FBI Agent Bill Clinton=Himself (archive footage)

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Directors : Michael Moore

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