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Movie Title :Cocoon

Meet Art, Ben and Joe. Three simple, aging senior citizens who like to swim in an unguarded swimming pool next door from the old folks home they live in. So one day when they go swimming, they feel energized and "ready to take on the world!" What they don't know is that the pool was recently bought by four alien Antereans incognito as humans. Art, Ben, Joe and their friends soon discover this and offer to help the Antereans return the cocoons back to Antarea and as a reward, they offer something magnificent.

Year : 1985

Genres : Adventure Comedy Drama Romance Sci-Fi

Rating [imdb] : 6.60

It is everything you've dreamed of. It is nothing you expect.

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Actors : Don Ameche=Art Selwyn Wilford Brimley=Ben Luckett Hume Cronyn=Joe Finley Brian Dennehy=Walter Jack Gilford=Bernie Lefkowitz Steve Guttenberg=Jack Bonner Maureen Stapleton=Mary Luckett Jessica Tandy=Alma Finley Gwen Verdon=Bess McCarthy Herta Ware=Rosie Lefkowitz Tahnee Welch=Kitty Barret Oliver=David Linda Harrison=Susan Tyrone Power Jr.=Pillsbury Clint Howard=John Dexter Charles Lampkin=Pops Mike Nomad=Doc Jorge Gil=Lou Pine James Ritz=DMV Clerk Charles Rainsbury=Smiley

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Directors : Ron Howard

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