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Movie Title :Antz

Z is just another ant in a colony of millions, striving for individuality. He falls in love with Princess Bala, and convinces his Warrior ant friend Weaver to switch places with him for a day, so that he can see Princess Bala once again. The outcome of this throws Z into a bigger adventure than he ever dreamed possible...

Year : 1998

Genres : Animation Family Adventure Fantasy Comedy

Rating [imdb] : 6.90

Every ant has his day. Actual Size of the Next Big Star

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Actors : Woody Allen=Z (voice) Dan Aykroyd=Chip (voice) Anne Bancroft=Queen (voice) Jane Curtin=Muffy (voice) Danny Glover=Barbatus (voice) Gene Hackman=General Mandible (voice) Jennifer Lopez=Azteca (voice) John Mahoney=Grebs / Additional Voices (voice) Paul Mazursky=Psychologist (voice) Grant Shaud=Foreman (voice) Sylvester Stallone=Weaver (voice) Sharon Stone=Princess Bala (voice) Christopher Walken=Colonel Cutter (voice) Jim Cummings=Additional Voices (voice) April Winchell=Additional Voices (voice) Jerry Sroka=Bartender / Additional Voices (voice) Marty Sixkiller=Army Vocalist (voice) (uncredited) Eric Darnell= Tim Johnson=

movie in DVD, HD and DivX

Directors : Eric Darnell Tim Johnson

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