Dr. Raja


Moi-RA 'Lady of the Sun' Dove and RA-Ja 'Merk' Dove are ELder Senior Ambassadors commissioned by the Interplanetary Council of 12. 

The StarDoves work as Global Star Shepherds is brilliantly portrayed in Mega-Author Brad Steiger's impressive books:

And Cherokee/Abenaki Legend Keeper Nancy Red Star's book:

The StarDoves (Prof. Moira and Dr. Raja) anchored the work of the Interplanetary Confederation and the Ascended Masters in one of the tallest of the Ancient Sacred Smoky Mountains, North Carolina. AUG 2008 TO PRESENT.


On 10-10-10 they performed Sacred Ceremony at Pack Square bringing Galactic Activation and to clear energies and bring forgiveness, re: Trail of Tears & Southern Slavery

On 11-11-11 They activated the Mt. Pisgah Region with Galactic Activation

On 12-12-12 Stardoves will be in the Yucatan and Palenque, Mexico to anchor in the New Era & Mayan CelebRAtion


As "Twin Flames", STARDOVES enhances other beings capabilities of attracting their "Twin Flames" as an innate part of their spiritual ministry as awakeners.  This "Twin Flame Energy", will enlighten and empower many to take up the highest form of lifestyle they can attain on  planet Earth.

Publishers and authors, Moi-RA and RA-Ja have continuously published the AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES Journal (formerly the STAR LOVE NETWORK Journal) in printed form for 21 years in printed form, and 8 years on the Internet. Their book, Himalayan Star Conclaves is critically acclaimed as one of the most extensive revelations regarding the Inter-Galactic Confederation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy, and their connection to Mother Gaia.  As Ambassadors of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission, their goals are:

  • Establishment of this era's Golden Age Spiritual Utopia on Earth, fulfilling Biblical, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Native American prophecies.  
  • Here all on Earth will live in harmony without war or violence.  America is to be that land.  All of the Americas!
  • The delivering of Messages from the Inter-Galactic Confederation of Love and Light that  introduces critically important issues to the forefront of public attention. 
  • Working with Star Seeds and Light Workers to change public policy, ensuring that it protects Mother Earth.

Moi-RA holds a Masters degree in Education, majoring in Guidance Counseling, Psychology and Sociology and is also a licensed marriage, family and child counselor.  In her undergraduate program of Bachelor of Arts, she majored in Philosophy and taught Ethics for 10 years to all levels of studies at the University of the City of Manila, Philippines.  Moi-Ra is a citizen of the USA, born {Rosalia Borja} in the Philippine Islands.

RA-Ja holds a doctorate in Naturopathy, majoring in Iridology and Nutrition.  He practiced for over a decade with an Alabama state license and taught his unique form of healing in medical universities and hospitals world-wide.  RA-Ja has operated holistic clinics in major spa locations around the world.  RA-Ja was Born {Stephen Stass} in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the city of Brotherly Love.

They are both licensed ministers.  At an early age, Moi-RA was trained as a psychic healer in the Philippines, where she was born. She is a Master Filipina Psychic Surgeon employing a non-intrusive etheric surgical operation without the need to cut the physical body.  Her Uncle, Juan Ortega was the original trainer of the organized Philippine Psychic Surgeons.

Having traveled completely around the planet performing sacred ritual; the Doves led 12 disciples of the Light to Chi-Chen Itza, Tulum and Palenque to celebrate the Harmonic Convergence in 1987; led 11 workers of the Light to Egypt to inaugurate 11:11 the Opening of the Higher Dimensional Gateway for the Earth, in 1992.  They have also activated many sacred sites and led mediation retreats in Tibet, Nepal, Bangkok, Paris, the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Greece, and every state of the U.S.

Moi-RA and RA-Ja were initiated as Swamis in Darjeeling, India.  Through their books, journals, workshops and lectures, they serve to consciously re-create Mother Earth in joyful, playful embrace for all peoples...all life!  The Doves have been natural healers since birth, and since childhood have been gifted with clairvoyance and clairaudience.

The Aquarian Perspectives-Interplanetary Mission offers Serious (Sirian) and Play-at-Ease (Pleiades) Blessing Sacramentsto Life Forms on and off this planet, which serve for the Healing of Nations, as well as for ALL BEINGS who ask.

* The Doves Appointed as official  Peace Ambassadors  for the State of New Mexico!